Zoe Saldana admits that she was encouraged to change her name before playing her first film, Center Stage, in 2000. Despite the advice, the actress went on to have a successful Hollywood career, most notably as a lead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series.

saldana Now starring in the Netflix action-adventure sci-fi film The Adam Project. The film stars Ryan Reynolds as Adam Reed, a time-travelling fighter pilot who takes off in 2022 and must reunite with his 12-year-old self to preserve the future. With Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner portraying Reed’s parents, Saldana completed the ensemble as the time-future traveller’s love interest, Laura. However, Saldana said in a recent interview Entertainment Weekly, That he was urged to change his name early in his career.

She said that she had not taken the offer personally at the time. Saldana also said that her manager was a singer and performer who changed her name as a teenager in the 1960s to the Avatar actor, telling the actor, “It’s what everyone else does.” According to ScreenRant, Zoe said, “When I took center stage, I remember being discouraged at the time by my management for using my name, but they didn’t intend to stop being who I am.” Let me do it. They celebrated who I was.”

Although, saldana The interview further adds that nowadays such counseling is often avoided. Saldana said at the time that his manager was looking out for his best interests and recalled the personal advice of legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg, who said, “You always have to know where you’re going. Must know where you came from.” Despite the ongoing use of her real name, Saldana has clearly established an amazing career, with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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