Your Role Begins When Mine Ends: ‘Super 30’s Anand Kumar To Engineering Faculty

According to Super 30 founder and mathematician Anand Kumar, teachers play a huge role in transforming society and helping build a nation by nurturing talent. The academy’s renowned trainer, known for his high success rate in cracking IITs, interacted with the NIT faculty here on Wednesday and paid tribute to his own teachers and colleagues.

“Your role begins when mine ends. We help students realize their dream of admission to world class institutes such as IITs and NITs, where their futures and careers will be shaped under your guidance, ”said Kumar at an event organized at the Engineering Institute.

“They come from different backgrounds and require careful advice in the first few years,” he said.

Kumar commended the teachers for their ability to help students find the right path and become good citizens. He owes his success to his teachers, who not only taught him the curriculum, but also taught him important life lessons.

“The role of a teacher is enormous. Nothing can replace it.

When my old students visit me and tell about their inspiring journeys, it seems like no price or money can match. His success and the way he brings about the generational change is the greatest reward for a teacher. “

As part of his Super 30 program, Kumar sponsors 30 bright students from disadvantaged departments each year for IIT admissions.



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