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You can buy two Lamborghini Urus with this old ₹1 coin

1 rupee coin: The trend of old notes and coins is increasing in the country, these people are increasing day by day. Those who are very interested in old coins and bills. He loves collecting them. Today we will tell you about such a coin, which, if you have it, you can earn crores of rupees with it.

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If you say the exact price of this coin, then its market value at the moment is ₹10 crore. More recently, this one rupee coin was auctioned for ₹10 crore. If you are thinking that you also have a ₹1 coin and you can make crores of rupees by selling it.

So let us tell you that this is not a minor coin, which you can earn crores of rupees selling. This question was raised by the British in the year two hundred and eighty-five, it was asked in India itself. It was made entirely of silver. If you have this ₹1 coin made in 18 eighty-five years, then you can make crores of rupees by selling it.

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You don’t need to go anywhere to sell it. You can sell it through the online site sitting at home. To do this, you just have to upload the photos of the two sides of your coin to the web and then haggle and sell it at a good price.

Sell ​​this 1 rupee coin for this process

If you have a ₹1 coin, you can send it on OLX from home. You can get a good amount by selling it. To sell it, you must first register as yourself on the online site. Then you have to upload images of both sides of your coin there.

After uploading, you need to enter your mobile number and email address there. After this, after verifying the information, that website circulates your given post. This way buyers come to you and you can haggle and sell it at a good price.

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