in hostel

Nishu:- Are you two sisters?

Ramya :- Yes sisters from another mother. I mean cousin.

Arvind:- So what about Vatsal?

Akshara :- He is the cousin of Ramya.

Arjuna:- Means brother of Ramya.

Vatsal :- No. I am never his brother.

Arjuna: Meaning.

Vatsal :- It means I am only cousin. In relation to him not in the brother.

Akshara and Ramya are laughing.

Arvind, Arjun, Nishu are confused.

Vatsal:- And you Akshu, was your medicine?

Akshara :- (Afraid of Vatsal) No.

Vatsal: Then what are you waiting for? seal?

Akshara :- Sorry.

After some time.

Aurobindo:-(In the mind) If Vatsal is not Ramya’s brother, then he is Akshu’s brother. But how are Akshu and Ramya like sisters? That is, if he is Ramya’s brother, he will automatically be Akshu’s brother. Oh then why did he react like that? Man this confusing relationship.

Few days passed. Due to some issues, the journey was postponed. Tomorrow is Rakhi.

Akshu is very sad since morning. She didn’t even laugh even once. She didn’t talk to anyone. Dhee was alone in the room and talking on the phone.


Akshara:- Papa, I will come back to you. I want to tie rakhi to my brother and everyone. Please come pick me up

Karthik:- No princess. You have to stay You can celebrate after the trip.

Akshu:- I am not talking to you from now on.

And he ended the call.

She is crying silently.

Arvind comes to the room.

Arvind:- What happened Akshara.

Akshara :- (wiping away tears) Nothing. Only the family is missing.

Arvind:- Okay. (In the mind) If I cry like this, my heart will break into pieces. Don’t cry baby

Akshara leaves the room.

rakhi day

Nishu tied rakhi to Arjun and Arvind.

Akshara is feeling sad. That she cannot tie rakhi to Kairav. Even though Vatsal is with her, she had to tie Rakhi to Kairav ​​first, otherwise she will not tie anyone.

After some time Ramya blindfolds Akshu and takes her along with Arvind, Arjun and Nishu to an empty college room.

The room was dark. Arjun, Arvind and Nishu are confused. Ramya smiles and they hide. And she opens her blindfold and the light falls on her.
He hears some voices.

P1- Congratulations everyone. We have a daughter in the house. And her name will be Akshara..

Her childhood picture appears on the board.

P2- Whatever her name may be, she will be her father’s princess.

P3- Oh look how young she is. I will be his elder brother.

P4- And I will be his favorite brother.

P5, P6- We’ll never leave him in trouble. And always protect him.

P7- And I will always share my chocolate with him.

P8, P9, P10—and she’ll be our big sister.

P11, P12- We always keep him happy with our mischievous thoughts.

P13- Man, what should I say if the app said everything. Don’t forget this idea is mine. And the arrangement was done by Ho Mai and Ramya.

This makes everyone laugh. Akshara was shocked and laughed at the dialogue.

Light on. other people were

P1- Maps

P2- Karthik

P3- Carvy

P4- Agriculture

P5 – Lineage

P6- Rohan

Yash and Gulab’s son

P7- Amish.

P8- Jay.


Twin sons of Luv and Nidhi

Luv and Nidhi’s twin sons.

P10- Mansi

Sons of Kush and Trish:

Sons of Kush and Trish:

P11- Ankita

Son of Ranveer and Sirati

Son of Ranveer and Sirati

P12- Vikram

son of kuhu and kunali

The son of Kuhu and Kunal.

P13- Vatsal.

Akshara was on the clouds and saw all her brothers.

Ramya goes to Gayu.

Akshu hugs Kartik. And later Naksh.

She is so happy that she cannot speak.

Kairav:- Akshu, did you like it?

Akshu:- Yes brother. It was a sweet surprise. When you all had planned it.

Krish:- All this was done by Vatsal.

Vatsal:- How can I see my sister sad? And if you cry, my mother will pet me.

Akshara :- Thanks brother. Love you a lot.

Vatsal:- Hut Pagli Bhai thanks to which Bholati hugs.

Akshu and Vatsal hugged.

Arvind:- (in mind) Are these two brothers and sisters?

Arjun:- Can you introduce us?

Vatsal introduced him to the family.

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