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Episode starts with Abhi saying I can’t leave mother for Akshu, if I agree then you should not marry Akshu to me, I have to be a good son to be a good husband, I talk to mother I will ask him to stay with Akshu and me. Manish says if she doesn’t agree then. Abhi says then we will see at that time. Manish says fine, it should be between us. FB finished. Akshu and Harsh ask Manish and Abhi about the matter. Abhi says he was upset with me. Manish says I have come to say sorry and thanks. Harsh says you risked your life to say sorry and thanks here. Akshu asks why did you take the risk. Manish says I was feeling restless. Abhi says yes. Akshu asks did you say sorry. Manish says yes. Akshu thinks how he was looking sweet today.

Harsh says I cannot believe that you came to say sorry. Manish and Abhi together say that Manish came to say sorry. Akshu says I think he is lying. Manish says no. Anand says they should go to the hospital. Manish says I will go home. Abhi says he is looking better, Aarohi is there to take care of him and I am there. Manish leaves with Akshu, Abhi and Kairav. Harsh says something is wrong, they are hiding something. Akshu says if there is any problem. Abhi says no, I will talk to Aarohi. Akshu feels that they are hiding something. They go. Abhi thinks how should I talk to the mother and ask her to leave her husband’s house for her son. Harsh asks what are you hiding from us, tell me, Manish cannot come here to say sorry and thanks. Abhi says I cannot tell you anything more sir. Manjari looks at Abhi.

Suvarna and Dadi ask Manish about going to meet Abhi. He says I wanted to say sorry and thanks to him. Anisha messages Kairav ​​that everything is fine. He replies that everything is fine. She replies that things are fine here now. Akshu asks Manish to swear on him and tells him why he went there, he has to say this. She says fine, I will ask Abhi. He says you will not ask anyone. Aarohi asks Akshu to stop it. Akshu thinks what is he hiding. She goes. Manjari comes to Abhi and asks what did Manish say, did he put any condition for marriage, you are worried. He says that he put a condition that after marriage Akshu will not stay here but in another house with me I can’t leave this house without you, Akshu can’t come here till I go. She worries. He says I will not go without you. She asks if this is her condition. She cries.

He says I have thought many times about leaving this house, why are you tolerating Harsh, the last decision will be yours, will you come to live separately with me and Akshu. She goes. He gets a message from Manish.. Have you talked to your mother, Akshu has many questions, tell me soon.

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