Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Aarohi takes a decision for Ruhi

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Aarohi takes a decision for Ruhi

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Aarohi takes a decision for Ruhi

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Mar 19, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Abhinav saying that Muskaan stated a couple of kind, I’ve to fill it out, then I can sit at your house to write down. Akshu asks whose bag it’s. He says it is a vacationer bag, I’ll give it to the vacationer workplace after your examination. She jokes about her handwriting. She says that once we transfer on from the dialog, we are able to simply chortle and transfer on. She says many instances, even flyovers do not work throughout site visitors jams, I will not disguise something, I really feel that I’ve come between you and Abhi, happiness with you looks like a debt to me. She will get unhappy. She says I haven’t got any misunderstanding now, I’ll go and see what’s taking so lengthy. he goes she cries She says you’re my buddy, my solely buddy, my greatest buddy, I would like my buddy again, I want we might not go to Udaipur, you’re right here however you aren’t with me. Suwarna asks if her blood strain rose. She provides Manish drugs. Manish says it occurs, Aarohi determined and Abhi has nothing to do with it, perhaps Akshu is the explanation.

Aarohi and Ruhi argue. Abhi asks the explanation. Aarohi says that his drawing trainer referred to as and stated that Ruhi had hit a boy. He says that this may’t occur. Ruhi says sure, I’ve hit him, he referred to as me a liar and stated that his marriage is not going to happen. Aarohi says to name her and make an apology. Ruhi says no, I will not. Abhi explains the error of her. Ruhi says you broke the foundations, you did not maintain the promise, you liar, you did not commit. Aarohi scolds her. Ruhi says that you’re very unhealthy. Abhi takes it. Aarohi says that she is spoiled. Mahima comes and says that she is a 5 12 months outdated woman, she’s going to say what she’s going to see. Aarohi says I’ll make her perceive. Mahima says that she is confused seeing the fights, since you’re confused, she sends her to the hostel. Aarohi asks what. Mahima explains to him. She says it could be the perfect sensible resolution. She goes. Abhi comes and asks if you’re excited about it sending to hostel isn’t an answer simply overlook it you understand Ruhi cannot reside alone if now we have drawback it doesn’t suggest we ship her to hostel she is woman so she advised us this , she’s going to really feel that we punished her, she will not say this to us once more, do not punish her, it is my fault, you understand she will’t get away from us Aarohi says settle down, calm down, you and Mahima thought of Ruhi, let me take into consideration her too, I’ll give it some thought Ok and I’ll resolve. She goes. Abhi cries. Akshu additionally cries. The poem continues within the background. Yeh rishta… khelta hai… she wipes away her tears.

Abhi goes to Ruhi. she is sleeping. He kisses her and turns into unhappy. Akshu sees Abhinav and Abhir sleeping. She says that Abhinav was there once I wanted him, why cannot I be her help? Abhi says that Ruhi saved me from collapsing however I could not cease her from getting indignant. Akshu says please give me again outdated Abhinav please Kanha ji. Abhi says please Mahadev, do not punish my daughter for my unhealthy choices. Akshu says, please, Kanha ji, give Abhir again to his completely satisfied household. Shefali seems to be at Abhi. It is morning, Abhir asks Akshu to get curd and sugar. He says that my father was not allowed to write down. She says I’ll attempt. He prays for her. Neela says we’ll go there and sit exterior.

Manish asks should you ship her to the hostel, she is 5 years outdated, you may’t give her self-discipline and love within the hostel. Manish and all of her clarify to Aarohi and inform her that there isn’t a must ship her to the hostel. Suwarna says that Abhi is not going to comply with this. Aarohi says that Ruhi would not perceive why Abhi isn’t turning into her father, she is getting upset, he’s beating the youngsters at college, I wish to take her away from these questions and issues, I’m her mom, I care about her, You do not know what is going on on. Kairav ​​says that that is flawed, the connection that was forming is flawed, you dwelling in that home is flawed, that individual is flawed, sending Ruhi away due to her is flawed. Aarohi says it is my fault for speaking to all of you. She leaves. Kairav ​​asks why all the things is occurring with my sister and niece. Shefali seems to be at Aarohi. Aarohi cries.

Muskaan brings a glass of water for Kairav. She says I do know you’re apprehensive about them, I’m apprehensive about Abhinav and Abhir too, do not be mad, assist them if you’d like, drink some water. The child. Abhir says you could have stress from exams, you understand I’ve a dream. Akshu asks what occurred. Abhir says thugs got here and I yelled daddy, prayed to Shiv ji, and it was smoke… Akshu says daddy got here. There he says no. She asks if mother got here. She says no, physician.

Shefali says if it wasn’t for my son, I would not have stayed with you. Parth slaps her. she falls Abhi sees this and asks how dare you increase your hand on her. Akshu reaches the police station. The inspector asks him to deliver the proof. She says I’ll take checks and get my husband launched, he will not keep locked up.

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