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The episode begins with Diya seeing her hair cut. She remembers people’s taunts. Palki gets sad seeing her and starts crying. She consoles Diya and hugs her. Anju is sitting sad. Diya’s father asks are you sad that Diya got her hair cut. She says no, she broke her heart, she was proud of her hair, she loved her hair very much, she used to find beauty in her hair, which people see on her face.

He says that she fights courageously, but we have to be her strength and support her, let her fly and make the sky tough, if her wings are also cut, she will have a big downfall, then we have to handle her. Can’t. She shakes her head. Anju asks Diya to help her with the work. She shouts at the palanquin. Diya goes to the terrace to keep the washed clothes. Chaddha tries to talk to him. He throws away his newspaper. Anju comes and steps on him. She scolds Chaddha. Come on Shalu Anju asks Shalu to take care of her husband. Shalu says I will see her, you take care of your daughter, she is unmarried. Anju says don’t worry about Diya, nobody’s evil eye catches her. Shalu asks Chaddha to come for breakfast. Anju asks did I do right. Diya says yes. Anju says no one will bother you now. She hugs Diya.

Jhanvi comes with her husband. He wished Diya a happy birthday. Anju says bring them tea. Amit says no, I have just come to drop Jhanvi. Jhanvi says we had to come today and give you a news. She tells Anju. Anju asks the truth. Diya asks what exactly congratulations. Anju asks Amit if his parents are happy. Amit says yes they are very happy that baby is happening before 30. Jhanvi stops him.

Anju is with her friend. He talks about Jhanvi’s baby shower. She says don’t tell anyone at this time. Nimmi lady says I want Diya to get married this year, I will handle everything, don’t worry, I have got a high class relationship for Diya, it is a big family, boy just 34 to 35 year old. Anju says I don’t think Diya will agree. If Nimmi says then convince her, Jhanvi is about to become a mother.

It’s about sisters. Diya thinks and tries fake baby bump. Abhi plays somewhere in me.. Anju cries seeing him. Anju talks to Diya about her marriage. She asks the palanquin to have food. She says everyone gets busy, do you want to be alone without any family and kids. Diya says yes, but I can feel mother’s love for Palki and Jhanvi’s kids. Anju says sisters kids will not be yours, I know your sorrow, you also need love and family, your fear is stopping you, will you say yes to marriage, will you meet her. Diya leaves the food. His father gets a plate of food. She says I am not hungry. He says I got this for myself. He eats. She says that the same rejection and humiliation will happen again. He says I understand your hope is broken, give it another chance, your mother thinks she is not working hard. She cries. He asks her to say, will she give last chance.

The family loves palanquins. He rejected Diya. Diya says that there must be someone who wants something other than beauty in his life partner.

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