Yeh Jhukhi Jhukhi Si Nazar 23 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Bhavna harassed Diya

Yeh Jhukhi Jhukhi Si Nazar 23 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Bhavna harassed Diya

Yeh Jhukhi Jhukhi Si Nazar 23 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Bhavna harassed Diya

Yeh Jhukhi Jhukhi Si Nazar 23 April 2022 written episode, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Episode starts with Krish joking and asking Diya to handle things well. Diya smiles. Armaan asks her not to scare Diya. Krish says Diya should know that her entry is happening in danger zone, Armaan won’t help, she is a huge devotee of Maa. Bhavna says don’t let Armaan come inside, Maa is making pooja plate. Krishna says oh okay. She says come inside and help us. He says stay here, I come now, Sudha is preparing Aarti’s plate. he goes

Armaan and Diya have a moment in the car. She asks him to go away. He says it is wrong, got married, I got license now. She asks what is the hurry. Ramkali comes and greets her. He says mother has fired you. She says yes, it was not my fault, I did not put anything in turmeric, Bhavna is lying, my job is lost, my husband does not earn money, I have small kids, you can help me. Armaan says Diya, don’t think, mother takes all the decisions of the house. Diya says maybe she is telling the truth, if so then wrong has happened to her. He asks her to find another job for Ramkali in the hotel. Diya says I will do something, don’t cry. Ramkali thanks him and leaves. He says I don’t understand if he didn’t then who did it. Bhavna asks them to come inside. She taunts Sudha. Armaan picks up Diya and brings her home. The woman says that Armaan had done love marriage, my husband never raised me like this. Sudha says for him, love must happen. She enters Diya’s house.

Armaan asks how Diya will do the rituals, her leg is hurt. Bhavna says ok then come inside, we have old chadar which has footprints of former sister-in-law. Sudha says we will never talk about it. Dhawan says sorry, is it an omen that the rituals are not completed. Diya says I will do the ritual. She asks Armaan to put her down. She completes the ritual. Sudha looks on. Brij and Anju are sad. Palki and Jhanvi sit down listening to his emotional talk. They make Anju happy. Amit brings tea for them. Anju asks why did you make tea, Palki must have made it. He asks if only daughters can make tea and not sons. Brij laughs. Armaan and Diya are sitting for a photoshoot. Kris takes their pictures and teases them. Sudha asks Bhavna to explain the rasam to Armaan and Diya. Bhavna says Armaan is not doing rasam for the first time, he has also gone to rasam with first sister-in-law. Sudha asks if this is the way to talk. Bhavna says sorry. Sudha says this is your problem, you spoil everyone’s mood. Pawan asks Bhavna to apologize to Diya. Armaan says okay, Diya already knows about my first marriage. Pawan says she is taunting it often, she should apologize. Sudha asks Bhavna to apologize. Bhavna says I am sorry Diya. Krish says call her bhabhi. Diya says sorry Diya Bhabhi.

Kris shows the coin and says we will leave this coin in the milk bowl, whoever wins will rule, this competition should be between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Armaan smiled. Sudha says wrongly, it is a good thing for a mother if her daughter-in-law rules the heart of her son. Bhavna asks Armaan and Diya to start. She taunts Diya. Diya answered him. He remembers Anju’s words. She finds the coin and smiles.

Bhavna shows Diya the stars in the sky and explains some rituals. Diya says I cannot see it. Bhavna angers Diya and says it was a joke. Armaan scolds Bhavna.

Update Credits: Amena

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