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Episode starts with Rastogis waiting for Diya. They ask Mathur about Diya. Nimmi praises Diya. It is about the family. Armaan’s mother asks did Nimmi not tell you. Anju asks what is this. Armaan drops Diya. She says it is a small mohalla, if you come to drop me home, neighbors will talk, I will go myself, thanks. Armaan says don’t worry, you can fill petrol in my bike next time. Like a stranger….play… Palki asks if the boy is divorced, what, you didn’t tell me. Nimmi says so what, he is looking so good, from where should I get it for Diya. Anju asks Palki to get sweets, talk to them, sing and stop them. Diya’s father asks Armaan’s father Sudha to stay for sometime. Sudha says no, we have to go, I have to drop Bhavna at her in-laws house, there is a lot of traffic in Chandni Chowk. Palki says you are right, eat jalebi. The palanquin talks nicely to them. They smile seeing him. Nimmi says you did wrong by sending the palanquin there. Diya comes. Anju asks her to change and get ready. Nimmi says there is no time. Bhavna says she is beautiful. Sudha says that her sister will also be beautiful. Anju says Diya has come.

See Diya. Bhavna says we should tell truth, you made us wait a lot, our time to go. Anju says you can talk to her. Bhavna says fine, we have seen her and met her. Sudha and Bhavna do not hold back and leave. Palki says they are rude. Diya says he saw my face and formed an opinion.

Armaan asks Sudha where did you go. Sudha says we thought we will try and see the alliance for you. He asks why. She says after your father passed away I have brought up all of you. He asks her next time without informing him. She asks him to meet the girl once. Krish asks Armaan to give himself a chance, the girl can be his type, what is his type. Armaan remembers Diya.

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