Xiaomi 12s Ultra Review In Hindi

Xiaomi 12s Ultra Review In Hindi

Xiaomi 12s Ultra Review In Hindi

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If you are also a fan of Xiaomi, then there is good news for you because on July 7, 2022, Xiaomi launched its new smartphone. Xiaomi 12S Ultra Launch Voila, this phone is designed for those users who like flagship phones. Xiaomi has shaken this time by launching such a phone, which everyone has been waiting for a long time. You will get all information about Xiaomi 12s Ultra Review in detail from here.

Perhaps you too must have been waiting for the launch of this smartphone for a long time, so now your wait is over, this phone will be making headlines right now, this is the first phone from Xiaomi that has 8+ Gen 1.

So back to this post. Xiaomi 12s Ultra Review Let’s talk about its specifications, camera, battery, performance .etc It is very important to know this.

Xiaomi 12s Ultra Specifications

Let us know now in detail the specifications of Xiaomi 12s Ultra, first of all, let’s talk about the design of this phone, in this one you get the most unique design that some people may like and some may not because all people like it. they are not the same.

This is a 5G smartphone with 50MP rear camera and 32MP front camera, it will launch in 8GB RAM and 12GB RAM, you can buy the variants as per your need.

As you know, this is a flagship level phone, so features like waterproof and wireless charging have been provided to it, UFS 3.1 support is also available to make mobile data transfer speed fast.

It has an in-display fingerprint sensor that looks great and it runs on Android 12 OS as well as a Xiaomi phone so it supports MIUI 13 which is MIUI so far.

Camera Rear camera = 50MP + 48MP + 48MP

Front camera = 32MP

Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
Screen 6.73 inches (1440 × 3200)
Drums 4860mAh
RAM 8GB and 12GB
Storage 256GB + 512GB
connectivity 5G
Loading capacity 67W fast charge


The most unique thing about the Xiaomi 12s Ultra Smartphone is its design, it has a matte finish on its rear design, so there are no fingerprints on the back of the mobile and there is a good grip while holding the phone.

Nowadays all the mobile companies that make the design of the camera of their mobile are very different, in the same way the design of the camera of this smartphone has also been done very well.

It has three rear cameras, which have been kept within a very large circular camera design. Due to the large camera design, the weight of the phone has increased a bit, due to this you may find the phone heavy and you need to focus in the camera I have to keep more, maybe the scratchers can come in it.


The word Ultra has been used in the name of this smartphone, this is because it really is a very good mobile when you see its screen, it is a smartphone with a curved screen which gives it a premium look, it is only in the case that you can see Not good.

Its screen quality is also strong, 6.73 inch screen size will be available here and Samsung E5 AMOLED LTPO 2.0 panel is available, so the viewing angle is very good, if you take this phone even in the sun , then on the screen There will be no problem in seeing, in this we get the brightness of 1500 Nits.

This panel also supports HDR10+ and Dolby Sound, so you can enjoy HD content on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Xiaomi 12s ultra screen


The camera of this smartphone is very high, as soon as another person sees it in your hand on the phone they will immediately want to see the photo taken from your mobile, for this the camera in which the Main Camera stands out has been very good. It is 50MP and the Sony IMX989 sensor has been used, so the photos come out very well.

With which you can use 960FPS slow motion video, time lapse, night mode video, video portrait, etc., it could be the best.

LEICA is also compatible with this smartphone, so you can take even better photos.


The fastest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor has been used in Xiaomi 12s Ultra so far, which is an Octa Core processor, with this processor you can easily play any biggest mobile game in the world, in which you can easily play any game. Drop will not be available for viewing.

This type of processor has the problem that when you play a game on the phone, it starts to heat up after a short time, but this process has been designed in such a way that even if you use this phone continuously, then the heating problem is still there. there It will be absolutely non-existent.


By the way, 4860mAh battery is available in this mobile, to charge the 67W Type-C fast charger is also done with the box, here I felt a little lack because you are buying an expensive smartphone around ₹70000.

So according to this, the charging capacity should have been higher, while it can also provide fast charging function in low cost phones. I found one here to see this shortcoming, so I thought I needed to tell you this.

Xiaomi 12s Ultra launch date in India

Xiaomi had launched this smartphone on the 4th day of July 2022 but it is yet to be launched in India though there is no confirmed news yet on when it will be launched in India.

But according to some reports, it was found that Xiaomi 12s Ultra may be released in August 2022, if you want to use the smartphone buy now, then for that you need to go to the country where this phone is released. it will have to be imported, for this you may have to spend some extra money. If you want to know the price of this smartphone, for that we have detailed below which variant can cost how much.

Xiaomi 12s Ultra Review

Whenever we make a plan to buy a new mobile, before we must know all the things about that mobile in a good way so that we don’t have to worry after buying a mobile, whatever mobile you are buying for this thing. your review.

With the help of this we know all the good and bad things about that smartphone, if you want a good camera phone and good performance then you can go for this mobile, the most super fast processor in this mobile by far.

Xiaomi 12s Ultra price in India

You must know very well that Xiaomi 12s Ultra It is a flagship level smartphone so the price will be a bit high, if you are looking to buy the best phone in terms of camera and performance then you can also lay your eyes on this smartphone once.

  • Xiaomi 12s Ultra 8GB + 256GB = ₹70,000
  • Xiaomi 12s Ultra 12GB + 512GB = ₹76,000

This smartphone can be launched in India in 8GB and 12GB RAM variants which price we have told you earlier, if you want to buy discount on these phones then you can go to your nearest Xiaomi Store or you must have a credit card of HDFC or ICICI bank.

Friends, I hope you have done this for us. Xiaomi 12s Ultra Review You must have liked it in Hindi, if you have any questions you can ask us by writing in the comment box below.

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