The increasing speed of new variants of corona in many countries of the world remains a cause of serious concern for health experts. The recently revealed XE variant is said to have the highest infectivity rate so far, experts have feared in the reports that this variant can cause serious problems, in such a situation all people have to show seriousness about the measures to prevent it . In India too, two cases of this new variant have been reported so far, although one case has not yet been officially confirmed.

In the country, the compulsion for wearing a mask was removed amidst the decreasing infection of Corona. However, experts say that due to the nature of the XE variant, it is very important to wear a mask to protect it. Health experts have said that as masks are touted as the most effective measure against all forms of coronavirus, voluntary use of masks should be encouraged in the country to prevent the spread of new variants. Let us know what other things experts are emphasizing to prevent this.

Voluntary masks need to be promoted

Since the start of the corona epidemic, state governments at their own level have fixed the mandatory wearing of masks and fines for non-wearing. However, this rule has been withdrawn in view of the decreasing number of cases after the third wave.

Meanwhile, again keeping in mind the way the pace of infection is seen increasing in many places, experts have appealed to the people to take voluntary precautions. Experts say that wearing a mask can help prevent infection and control its spread.

WHO alert

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a warning regarding the new XE variant, calling it the most likely infectious corona variant ever. Studies have found that the Xe variant, resulting from a combination of two sub-variants of Omicron, can infect people more rapidly. Experts say that there is no need to panic, but it is necessary at the moment to promote the voluntary use of masks in public. Difficulties can arise if its spread increases.

What do experts say?

Giridhar, Professor and Head of Lifecourse Epidemiology, Public Health Foundation of India. R Babu says, given the nature of this variant, applying a mask can be the most effective remedy against it. Instead of enforcing the use of masks like a mandate, the people should be appealed for voluntary use by increasing the availability and free distribution of masks. Keeping in mind any growing danger, it is necessary to start prevention before it. The data being received from many countries is worrying.

High infectivity of XE variant

Health experts in media reports see Omicron’s sub-variant BA.2 and XE variants increasing rapidly globally. Both of these variants are considered to be of relatively high infectivity. Preliminary studies indicate that the XE variant, Omicron may be 10 percent more infectious than BA.2. Also, some such omissions have been observed in its spike protein which make it able to dodge the investigation. In such a situation, people are being appealed to take special vigilance regarding its prevention.


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