Written update March 29, 2022: Rahul hides in 3/13 mansion

The kids feel bad that their picnic got spoiled because of Bittu and Rahul. Shanti asks Ramesh to post Kismis Nani’s reply. Ramesh keeps the letter.

While Pooja is studying at night, Rahul hits her, but she screams in shock. Everyone hears his voice and comes to meet him. Shanti asks why was she screaming? Pooja says I got scared seeing Rati. Shanti asks her to read. Bittu calls : Ramesh asks about Rahul. Ramesh denied that he was not present here. Bittu takes tension.

Children ask why is Rahul hiding here? Rahul says I get irritated with Bittu, because he keeps harassing me because of his routine and disciplined life. Rahul says I will hide here and enjoy your daily life, enjoying each day and in return I will do your homework. Everyone agrees and the deal is done.

Bittu is sad in the market, saying what is Rahul, does not come back, what should I reply to brother and sister-in-law. I’m stressed. Manju says Bittu always gives stress to others now he is suffering. Bittu slaps her.
Pappu brings posters of Rahul’s disappearance. Bittu reads and gets shocked. 5 lakh reward. Pappu says we only give peanuts, but will give tea and pan. He further says that I had lodged a complaint that Rahul was wearing a 300 gram gold chain, and the police had gone to search him. What does Bittu say later? Pappu says we will say it is lost.
Bittu praises Pappu and prays that he becomes his brother in the next life. Pappu says no no no, you will forget my borrowed money which you gave.
Pappu asks to record the video, BBC will play it in the news. Bittu asks so and requests Rahul to return by emotional blackmail.

At night, Zoya asks Sakina about food. Sakina says tinde and brinjal. Zoya thinks, but Rahul needs to eat chicken. Zoya requests him to cook chicken today and feed vegetables tomorrow. Sakina agrees and after watching the video cooks the chicken. While eating, Rahul hides under the table and Zoya fools the other members of the family and feeds him. Sakina serves him again and again, and Zoya feeds Rahul and he eats too. Ammi admires the food prepared by Sakina. Sakina gets tired of serving them, and orders them to eat less. The spoon falls, when Zafar is about to take it, Zoya shouts his name. Zoya hides revealing her ghost. Zafar asks what is this my father. Amma says that she must have taken birth as an actor. Rahul picks up the spoon and gives it to Zafar. Zafar is shocked, when he looks under the table, by the time Rahul is gone. Finally Zoya takes rest.

The children laugh at the story. Rahul says I watch TV till 1 am and only enjoy, otherwise no Guddu says blackmailing. Zoya says I already took a risk about food now you take charge. Adi comes to mind.

Precap:- Adi, Pooja hides Rahul. Ramesh comes to know about her, so everyone blackmails him about Kismis Nani truth and lie. Pappu, police and Bittu arrive in search of Rahul

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