Written update 28 March 2022: Everyone goes on a picnic

Written update 28 March 2022: Everyone goes on a picnic

Written update 28 March 2022: Everyone goes on a picnic

Mishra and Mirza surprise Shanti on her birthday. She gets happy ️ Zafar calmly asks him to look carefully at the cake, how beautiful it is. Shanti is shocked to see her 39 years old. Shanti asks Ramesh if he had brought the cake for himself. Shanti gets annoyed, asking if I look 39 years old. Ramesh gets shocked. Flashbacks reveal how Sakina and Zafar changed ages.
Sakina and Zafar make fun of it. Masterji asks them to fix it and do their work soon. Everyone celebrates Shanti’s birthday.
Shanti asks about her fateful Nani letter? Ramesh says it may come tomorrow. The children ask about the picnic. They ask to call Rahul and Bittu too, and we will miss the reward. Ramesh wonders how I forgot it and wrote the letter.

Everyone at the picnic, when Bittu and Rahul make a splash. Children go to play. Bittu asks what is cooking. Aashiq is called Mutton after spending all the money of Zafar. Ramesh asks why am I cutting vegetables? He asks Majnu for help. Zafar says you should have done it in the morning. Sakina says you did it in the morning. Zafar gets irritated and gets angry. Sakina gets angry, Zafar calms her down.

Ramesh gives the letter to Rajjo from Kissmis Nani. She gets happy☺️ she reads the letter and smiles ️ and has luck with lots of love. Rajjo gets emotional, Sakina pacifies him. Rajjo says I will meet her this time.

Zafar says let the game play till cooking. Sakina says we will play truth and dare. Zafar and Ramesh refuse. Aashiq and Majnu say that they will fall in the trap. Shanti and Sakina say we will play now, but Zoya says sangeet ki kursi bajao. Everyone goes to play it. Bittu says Rahul will win this game. Everyone plays, but Bittu cheats to win. Rahul finds it and starts fighting with Bittu and gets angry. Rahul cannot bear the deceit and runs away.

Precap:- Rahul is hiding in the mansion with the kids. He asks them to help me enjoy life and in return I will do your homework.

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