Masaba Gupta is a self-made woman and now she is counted among the successful fashion designers of India. His label ‘House of Masaba’ is quite popular among celebrities. She has also launched her lipsticks with brands like Nykaa. Well, not many people know that Masaba had to struggle a lot to become what she is today. In an exclusive interview, she revealed that one comment changed her life and made her who she is today.

Masaba say, “I’m not kidding. Literally, it was until 2019 when we first round of investment, When we invested as a company and now, of course, we also raise money, but I think it was the first time and 10 years after my label was launched people finally stood up and took notice. That one comment got me to where I am today because I pick up on everything people tell me. And when they tell me I can’t do something I want to do it 100 times better than they thought.” To note, one person commented Masaba says she is doing fashion just for fun,

Well, the lady has replied and it is no less than an inspiration to anyone. Masaba was also bullied for having dusky skin.

When asked about her struggle as a businessman, she replied, “No, I must say I don’t. Not anymore. People have been nothing but kind. I am kind to people from all walks of life. I’m talking about, be it people in the corporate world, people in finance, any industry where fashion is seen as the poor cousin. I think they’ve been very open and encouraging, especially because I I’m a woman and I’m pretty young. I really don’t have any complaints. Of course, when we were trying to get people to be more serious, there were some challenges.”

Masaba named his first collection as Kattran. Her Lakme Fashion Week 2014 collection was inspired by Wanderes novelist Roman Payne’s doe-eyed gypsy girl character Saskia in her novel The Wanderes.

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