Woh Toh Hai Albela June 24, 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanha expresses his feelings for Sayuri

Woh Toh Hai Albela June 24, 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanha expresses his feelings for Sayuri

Woh Toh Hai Albela June 24, 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanha expresses his feelings for Sayuri

Woh Toh Hai Albela June 24, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Saroj becomes angry upon seeing Sayuri and Kanha’s intimate dance video, thinking that Sayuri is glued to Kanha like a shadow. She hopes Kanha is okay and thinks if anything happens to Kanha, she won’t spare Sayuri. Sayuri tells Kanha while driving his car home that he was born Albela and shouldn’t lose his identity. Kanha asks her to stop the car and gets out angrily. Sayuri says someone needs to show him the truth, he should stop trying to become Chiru and lose his own identity as he is unique and no one can be Albela like him and keep talking. Kanha is confident and smiles.

Rashmi shows Priya the videos of her and Nakul and Kanha and Sayuri and praises Kanha’s care for Sayuri. Indu hears this and thanks God for proving Saroj wrong. Rashmi continues to talk about how Nakul protected her and took good care of her etc. Indu recalls Sayuri’s bitter warning that she will not spare her and her daughters when Rashmi looks at Nakul now. She thinks she shouldn’t pay any heed to Saroj’s taunts.

Kanha asks Sayuri to listen to him. She asks to speak to him. He continues. She drives off again and is frustrated. He says he always thought her arrogant and irritating, but seeing her break down after Chiru’s death changed his perception; she married a person she hates the most just to respect Chiru’s last wish, she knew Saroj would never accept her and worried her a lot; She is so beautiful, kind and awesome. He begins to praise her beauty. She says whatever he’s been drinking is now affecting his mind. He says he couldn’t take his eyes off her during the party and now. She is nervous. Hasta Rahta Hoon.. Song plays in the background.

Anjali’s father insists that she return home now as all the hotel staff have also left. Anjali refuses and hopes Kanha will come back. Father says Kanha’s wife is with him and he will not return. Anjali panics and says it’s not possible. Dad says he will stop talking to her if she becomes intransigent. Anjali thinks Sayuri and Kanha can’t do that to her.

Kanha continues to praise Sayuri’s beauty and says he feels weird. Sayuri asks him to stop. He says he only feels for her these days. Sayuri is feeling more nervous. Kamnha says that when he falls in love with her, things are out of his control for the first time. She looks at him in disbelief and crashes her car into a tree. Saroj is worried about Kanha. Nakul and Devraj ask her to stop worrying and go to sleep. Saroj says something is wrong with Kanha. Nakul says he will call Kanha and find out. Saroj says she has been trying for a long time and prays to God to protect her son. Sayuri regains consciousness after the accident and notes that Kanha is unconscious. She tries to wake him up and screams for help. Kanha opens her eyes. She hugs him emotionally tight.

Nakul and Devraj ask Saroj not to worry about Kanha since he is no longer a child. Devraj asks Nakul to send the servant to check. Saroj cries that her mind will be unstable until her son returns home safely. Sayuri asks Kanha if he’s okay since there was an accident and she doesn’t want to lose him. He says he’s fine. He says he is. She then realizes that she is hugging him and breaks up. He scolds her and asks if she can’t drive. She says she made him overturn the car after he told her he loves her. He stands there shocked.

Prelude: Dacoits threaten Sayuri to give her jewelry and Mangalsutra. Sayuri gives jewelry and refuses to give her Mangalsutra. They attack her with a sickle. Kanha protects her.

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