Ukraine’s navy said on Monday that the Russian naval vessel Vasily Bykov was destroyed in a missile attack.

Russian shelling has caused widespread destruction in Ukraine.

According to The Times, the Russian warship that bombed Snake Island in the Black Sea on the first day of the Ukraine war has been destroyed. The report quoted Ukrainian military sources as saying that the battleship Vasily Bykov was destroyed by missile fire.

The Russian naval vessel asked to surrender to Ukrainian border guards on Snake Island on 24 February, but was told to “go yourself.” In response, the battleship opened fire on the island and soldiers were reported killed. But news website Spectator Index suggested in a later tweet that they may have escaped and been captured.

Today, The Times reported, citing officials in the Ukrainian Navy, that the Russian warship was killed during a gunfight in the early hours of Monday.

Videos shared on social media platforms such as Twitter showed a rocket exchange when a Russian ship was targeted. The video is believed to have been released by the Ukrainian Navy.

The Times report also gave information about the conversation taking place in the video. It has the sound of two men talking about a goal.

“V***ing hit them”, one of them is saying in the video. The second man invokes the words of a Ukrainian soldier when the island was attacked, saying: “Russian battleship, go f*** yourself.”

The Ukrainian Navy later said on Facebook: “The enemy has again retreated.”

Vasily Bykov is a patrol boat of the Russian Navy, commissioned in 2018. The Project 22160 patrol vessel has a range of 6,000 miles and a maximum speed of 35mph. It has two machine guns and two grenade launchers.

The head of the UN refugee agency said on Tuesday that two million people have fled Ukraine since the start of the Russian offensive 13 days ago. EU officials have said the bloc could hold up to 5 million people.

Ukraine’s military said they had killed more than 11,000 Russian soldiers. Russia has confirmed about 500 damages. Neither side has disclosed Ukrainian casualties.


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