Virgo to Scorpio: 4 Zodiac Signs Who Have Secret Love Affair After Marriage

Virgo to Scorpio: 4 Zodiac Signs Who Have Secret Love Affair After Marriage

It is said that one can never be deceived in the beginning of marriage. Because often people grow and mature together during the course of their relationship which decides the outcome of the marriage. While some people develop insecurities and cheat and gain validation from outside entities, others do so because they feel distant from their spouse. So let us tell you today about those 4 zodiac signs, who keep secret love affairs after marriage.


A Virgo has a high level of self-esteem, so they are the first to head out the door if they catch their partner cheating. But the hypocritical part is that these individuals will often be the ones who fall out of marriage themselves. However they will keep this secret because the sad part is that they are meticulous planners who usually don’t get caught.


There are lovers who feel like they have known each other for their entire lives and on the other hand there are people who can never really know their partner because they are married to a Scorpio. Notoriously secretive, this zodiac sign is capable of lying through their teeth and being very confident of it, which is why they get away with infidelity most of the time.

scorpio water sign


Although Aquarius are usually loyal, they should always feel like they are on top of their professional game. Should they feel like they are losing their edge, it creates a sense of insecurity that drives them to seek validation from lovers and cheat on them. They will be ashamed of themselves, so they may try to hide the matter.

Aquarius Air Sign


A Leo can easily pride himself in evading the pressure of cheating even when he is the most tempting of potential partners. But this is true only when they feel fulfilled in their marriage. But no life partner can bear the burden of being 100 percent devoted every day or seeking attention the way a Leo expects all the time. So, when they have a bad month or year in their marriage, some Leos consider infidelity.

Disclaimer: While these characteristics are general, they are primarily focused on your zodiac qualities; Not all of the above symptoms are necessarily true for you.

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