Villegers fear because of Corona on the border with Nepal

The people in the village of Hardidali, which is on the border with Nepal, are afraid of a corona infection. Because of the open border, people in Nepal come to the Hardi Dali intersection to shop. So far, no warehouse has been set up here to investigate corona.
Hardidali with seven tolas has a population of five thousand.The distance to the CHC Nautanwan is about four kilometers. Rampat, Ramnand, Amresh Chaudhary and Manoj Sahani from the village reported that 12 people died of various diseases within one month. Inside were three people who suffered from colds, colds, fever, and breathing problems.

Some people still suffer from a cold and take medication from medical supply stores here and there. There is also a corona-positive person in the village who is in quarantine at home. People said that on May 26th, a vaccination camp was organized in the village’s Sanvilay Vidyalaya, where 40 people were vaccinated.

Kalamuddin Ansari, Sunil Mishra, Rajesh Jaiswal, Munir Ahmed, Shriram Bharti, Mubarak, Bajrangi Choudhary, Janardan Sahani etc. said that the corona test camp in the village had not yet been set up. Village chief Gopal Narayan Chaudhary said there was a problem with the lack of sanitation workers in the village, but he did the cleaning himself.

Spraying bleach powder and lime down the sewer system. In order to prevent corona infection, people are made aware of cleanliness, social distance and the wearing of masks. Many people in the village suffered from a fever and cold, which have almost recovered.

The responsible CHC boss Dr. Amit Rao Gautam said one person was found infected. A covid vaccination was also carried out, during which 40 people were vaccinated. An investigation camp will also be organized soon.


( News Source – Amar Ujala )

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