UPPCL Full Form In Hindi – What is the full form of UPPCL?

Friends, in today’s post, we are going to know many things about UPPCL such as UPPCL Full Form In Hindi, UPPCL Meaning In Hindi, How to see Uttar Pradesh Electricity Bill, How to get UPPCL New Connection for almost all such things. We tried to tell about this in this article, so you must read it completely, if you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh, then you must have seen this UPPCL written somewhere and such questions must be coming in your mind that what would this UPPCL be. If so, we have written about your question in this post.

When you read this post completely, then you will get the answer to that question, if you have got it built recently or are thinking of getting it built, then before making a house for such people, complete about the new connection of electricity. Information should be taken that what are the things needed to get the meter installed, how much money is needed for this. If you want to get electricity connection from poor family and in your house, then for that you should know about Jhatpat Connection.

So whatever things I have told you people above, you will get all those things to read below in this article, then you will not need to think much in this, we have explained you here in great detail about UPPCL New Connection.

UPPCL Full Form

The full name of UPPCL is “Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited” and it is called “Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited” in Hindi from 14 January 2000.

Now there are many such districts of the north where electricity facility has been provided, some areas will be such where electricity will not have come yet and it is being told that electricity will come very soon in those areas, although 24X7 in other places. Electricity is present.

What is UPPCL?

Before knowing about UPPCL, we need to know what is UPRVUNL? UPRVUNL stands for “Uttar Pradesh Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Limited”, it is a company that does the work of generating electricity for the whole of Uttar Pradesh. Electricity is generated through UPRVUNL only.

After generating electricity, it is given to UPPCL, then after that it is the job of UPPCL that it works to bring those electricity to small villages and cities of all the districts of Uttar Pradesh.

If you are also a resident of Uttar Pradesh, then electricity will be distributed in your homes by UPPCL itself. You have to apply for this and all this electricity work is done only under the Uttar Pradesh government.

UPPCL Jhatpat Connection Apply Online

If you want to get a new electricity connection in your house, then for that you have to go round the power house for many days, at the same time you have to pay a lot of money, then a new meter connection is installed in your house.

Under UPPCL Jhatpat Connection, those people who fall in the APL category and BPL category will benefit greatly, if you want to get a meter connection ranging from 1 kilowatt to 49 kilowatt in your house, then you will have to pay a fee of ₹ 100. And this meter gets installed in your house within 10 days and for this you will not need to go to any electricity house, you can get UPPCL instant connection with the help of internet sitting at your home, this is a scheme which is in Uttar Pradesh is being organized by the government.

There are many such poor families inside Uttar Pradesh, whose homes have not yet got electricity connection because due to poor financial condition of their house, they could not get electricity connection in their house, so now you can get Uttar Pradesh Jhatpat Connection. You can get electricity connection in your house within 10 days only, for that you have to apply by visiting its official website and for that you must have some necessary documents, you have to pay any extra amount to get new connection. There is no need for a new meter connection will be installed in your house within a very small fee.

Documents required to apply Jhatpat New Connection

If you are also coming in APL category or BPL category and there is no electricity connection even in your house, then you must take advantage of this instant scheme electricity scheme, but it is mandatory for you to have all these necessary documents only then you can go ahead with it. can apply for.

  • Aadhar Card of the applicant.
  • and PAN card.
  • APL category ration card or BPL category ration card.
  • Identity Card or Voter ID Card.
  • mobile number.
  • an email id.
  • Present passport size photograph.
  • This scheme is only for the residents of Uttar Pradesh, so that is why it is necessary for you to have a residence certificate of Uttar Pradesh.

How to register for Jhatpat Scheme?

It is very easy to register for this scheme, if you want, you can register for it from your mobile itself or you can go to any cyber cafe near your home and tell them that if I want to register for the scheme instantly, then it will help you. If you can register for this, then all of you who want to register yourself on your mobile from computer, then they can complete your application by following the steps given below.

  • To register in Jhatpat Yojana, first you have to visit its official website.
  • [Jhatpat UPPCL] have to go on.
  • Then there you have to click on “For New Connection Click Here”.
  • After this you will get a registration form in which you have to fill the applicant’s name, date of birth, mobile number, email id and captcha code and click on the button of registration.
  • Now after this, Jhatpat Login Id and Password are sent to your registered mobile number, with the help of that you can login by going to Jhatpat Login Page.
  • On the login page, you have to click on Apply New Connection.
  • Now a form will open here in which you have to upload your photo after writing the number of your APL card or BPL card, along with this many other types of information have to be filled like wherever you want to get the meter connection installed. Want to fill in which section he comes in, etc. things.
  • When you fill all these things, then after that you are told that you will have to pay the registration fee for this.
  • You have to upload all such documents like Aadhar card, Identity card etc. here and along with it you have to upload by filling a Self Declaration Form.
  • Then you can deposit the payment with the help of your debit card.
  • Whatever payment you are making, definitely download the receipt, all these things will be useful to you further.
  • Wherever you want to install a meter, if it has become meterable, then you can tell by ticking the same form that our site is ready for metering.
  • Now after this, the meter connection is installed at your house within 10 days.

So you have seen how in a simple way you can easily get a new meter connection in your house, for this you will not even need to go out anywhere.

How to check electricity bill in Uttar Pradesh?

Bijli Ka Bill Check Kaise Kare of Uttar Pradesh? So for this you have two ways, first if you use any UPI App, then you can also check electricity bill and deposit electricity bill with the help of it, after that for the second way you have to visit UPPCL website. But you have to go and see the electricity bill.

To see the electricity bill, you have to start the Paytm App in your mobile, then you will see the Electricity Bill in the option with Recharge & Bill Payments, click on it, then after that you have to hear your state there, now you have to see this Click on which company’s electricity comes to your house, if you live in a rural area, then click on it, otherwise you click on the urban area.

Now after writing the Connection Number or Account Number, you will see your electricity bill there, then if you want to deposit your electricity bill, then you can submit the electricity bill by clicking on the Pay button.

Apart from this, you can also check the electricity bill of UPPCL. UPPCL Online Website You can go and check the electricity bill, for that you just need to know your Account ID or Registered Mobile Number, then after entering any one of these things, after filling a Captcha Code, you will see your electricity bill.

So friends, this post written by us to you guys, in which we have told you about UPPCL Full Form or UPPCL Meaning In Hindi, Jhatpat Connection and Bijli Ka Bill Check Kaise Kare, if you people like this post then you You can tell us by writing in the comment box below, with this if you want to support us, then you can also share this post on your Facebook and WhatsApp.

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