Up News: A verdict has been reached between Bjp leader Nadeem and the New York girl at the police station

Newsroom, , Meerut Published by: kapil kapil Updated Fri, July 30, 2021 2:30 AM IST

The New Yorker’s allegations against her husband BJP boss are unfounded. The defendant Nadeem is neither married nor does he have a child. The woman made a condition at the police station that the husband take her for a morning walk and not wear glasses at night. The husband accepted both conditions, under which both of them went happily from the police station to their homeland.
The New York girl made friends with Nadeem on Facebook in 2018. Then the two fell in love. After a while both married. The foreign girl arrived at Dehligate Police Station on Wednesday and delivered a letter of complaint alleging that Nadeem was married with two children. The police investigated, whereby the allegations turned out to be unfounded. The woman was satisfied with the police investigation.


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