Udayiyaan May 13, 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrik passes away

Udayiyaan May 13, 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrik passes away

Udayiyaan May 13, 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrik passes away

Udaariyan 13th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TeleUpdates.com

Episode starts with Fateh shouting Tejo. Everyone is shocked to see Amrik being shot. American fell down. Fateh, Tejo and Jasmine hold him and cry. Police comes and arrests Angad. Fateh says nothing will happen to you, I am with you. Tejo sees the police taking Angad away. Amrik says I promised that I will not let anything happen to Tejo, I kept my promise. Fateh asks Tejo to call an ambulance. she calls. They take Amrik to the ambulance. Tejo backs away. Fateh and Jasmine are with Amrik in the ambulance. Amrik says I told you, I will save Tejo, take him back to India. Jasmine says you will be fine, don’t close your eyes. He asks American to open his eyes.

They reach the hospital. Fateh says we will go back to India together. Amrik looks at Fateh. He asks Fateh to take care of himself, everyone and Jasmine. Fateh says you will be fine, you will take care of everyone. Amrik has been taken for treatment. Jasmine sits down crying. Fateh consoles him and says he will be fine, where is Tejo. She says I thought she will come with police. He goes to see He asks where is Tejo. The officer says that I have no idea. He gets a call from Gurpreet. He says how will I tell her. he goes He says the policemen said Tejo did not come with them, I hope the operation will be successful. He calls Tejo. He says that his phone is switched off. Gurpreet offers prayers at home. Fateh calls her and asks where are you, are you fine. He says I am fine, how are you. She says I will be fine when you all come, Amrik told me everything that you are with her, and also told me that Tejo is alive, I did not tell this to anyone. Fateh cries. She says don’t know why, my heart got scared, are you all fine. He says yes sorry I wanted to tell you but… she says ok, there must be some reason otherwise you must have told me, how did you feel seeing Tejo again, you don’t believe it at first, I understand I don’t understand why she didn’t come to me. He says I will tell you everything later, how are you all. She says everything is fine, come back soon. He asks is everything fine. She says yes. He says I will get Tejo and I will come back soon. She asks will you not get Amrik, he promised me that he will get all of you. Fateh cries a lot. She says he seemed responsible, what happened, why are you not saying anything, is Jasmine stopping him from coming.

He says I will come soon with everyone. She asks him to give the phone to Amrik. He says Jasmine and Amrik went to market to get household items, I will tell him. She says tell them I have forgiven Jasmine, I will convince Khushbir too, tell Amrik not to take tension, they will stay with us now, promise me, you will bring them along. He says I will call you later, I have work. He ends the call. He prays for America. Gurpreet sees Diya twinkling and holds her. She says I think Fateh is hiding something, I wish Tejo was fine, what happened to Amrik, I don’t know. She prays for her children. Amrik is currently in OT. Fateh says I should not have involved him in this. Jasmine asks him to become stronger. The doctor comes. Fateh asks how is my brother. Doctor says he wants to meet you and talk to you, this will be his last few minutes, go and meet him. Fateh and Jasmine are shocked. They go to meet America. Fateh says I talked to doctor, get well soon, we will go back together. Amrik says you have to take Tejo back to India, take care of everyone and my Jasmine too. Fateh says you are for Jasmine, I am with you. Amrik says I am scared. Fateh asks why, you are a tiger, don’t be afraid. Amrik gets up holding Fateh and Jasmine’s hand. He hugs Fateh and says I love you Fateh, I love you Jasmine, don’t cry, smile. He wipes her tears. He tells Fateh to take care of everyone and not cry after he leaves. She says you will be fine, don’t worry. He says I love you Veere…. and takes his last breath. Fateh gets shocked. Amrik falls back on the bed. Fateh and Jasmine are shocked and cry for him.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Amena

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