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The episode begins with Tejo being beaten up by Jasmine being asked to fight with him. She cries. He meets Satti and Rupi there. She asks them to tell Jasmine that they have come to meet her. Rupi says we had come to meet you, get up. Satti says wake up, we are worried about you, wake up. Tejo says you sing lullaby for her. Sati sings. She asks Jasmine to get up. She hugs Rupi and cries. Tejo says we all were angry but we love you so much, we wanted to guide you on right path, just wake up, everyone will pay attention to you. The machine beeps. Tejo shouted the doctor. The doctor comes and asks them to go back. She checks on Jasmine. She asks the nurse to give injection to Jasmine quickly.

She says good news, she is replying, she is out of danger now. Tejo, Satti and Rupi cry and hug with joy. they go out. Tejo says that Amrik, Jasmine is out of danger now, her treatment has started. Amrik asks can I meet my wife. Nurse says you have to wait for sometime. Inspector comes and congratulates Angad. He asks about the accident. America worries. He says I… Fateh says both of us were also in the car, I was driving. Inspector says car was damaged a lot, it was a bad accident, you all have to come to give statement. Fateh says Amrik and Jasmine’s condition is bad, both of us will come. Angad says I will get them. Fateh says your name cannot come in other case. Tejo says don’t tell anyone, we will go and give statement, we will come back.

Dara comes there and asks about Jasmine. Tejo hears this and goes to him. Guard says inspector is calling you, hurry up. Dara sees him and leaves. She wonders who the boy was, asking about Jasmine. Jasmine remembers the accident and Tejo’s efforts. She says Tejo… Doctor asks who is Tejo, call her fast. Nurse asks who is Tejo, call her fast, patient is calling her. Fateh says I hope American’s name will not come in this. Tejo asks her not to worry. Rupi calls her and says come quick, Jasmine regains consciousness, she took your name. Tejo smiles. Dara asks about Jasmine. Nurse says she is in ICU, matter is serious, who are you. He says I am his friend. He thinks to find out. Tejo goes to Jasmine and asks her to open her eyes. Jasmine looks at him.

Your tarah… plays it… holds Tejo’s hand. Khushbir, Rupi and Fateh see. Rupi says that blood relations are like this, there is enmity in them, but in this weak moment they do not want to go away. Khushbir says this is a relationship of the heart too. Satti says Tejo risked his life and saved you, death cannot harm you. Jasmine Tejo says. Tejo says don’t say anything, I was very scared, thank god you are fine. Jasmine thanks him. Tejo hugs him. Jasmine remembers her moments.

Tejo is hurt. Satti asks are you fine. Tejo shakes his head. Satti says Tejo’s back got burnt by the fire when she was saving you. Tejo says fine. Jasmine remembers Tejo and cries. Rupi says thank god, I am hugging her after a long time. He gets a call from Bebe and says it is a miracle, Jasmine got a new life, she takes the name of Tejo, they become one. Bebe says that maybe this happened to give sensibility to Jasmine. He says she has gone too far, don’t know if she will come back or not. He sees Fateh and Amrik. He prays that Jasmine spares Amrik. Dara pays the guard and says let me see my friend once. He goes and hears Fateh and Amrik talking. He feels that Jasmine has framed this boy. Amrik says Jasmine is my wife. Dara thinks that Jasmine has married him. Gurpreet says let her go, she is his wife. Dara says something is wrong. Amrik goes to Jasmine. Jasmine remembers her words. She cries holding his hand. Amrik kisses her hand.

Amrik says thank God, you have come to your senses, it is my fault. She says no. He says just get well soon, I promise I will take care of you the most.

Tejo feeds soup to Jasmine. Everyone smiles. American cares for Jasmine. The nurse says not more than two people can stay here, please go. Jasmine sees Dara and wonders how he got here. Tejo turns to look. Jasmine leans slightly and hides her face. Dara thinks maybe she is acting, she has to pay me today or else I will see her. Tejo looks at Dara. She says I will go to doctor now and come. She goes. Jasmine asks Amrik to call Tejo fast. he goes. Jasmine thinks that if Dara tells Tejo everything then… Tejo asks the guards about Dara. Guard says no one was here. Amrik says Jasmine is calling you, come. Tejo asks what happened. Jasmine says go home, you are hurt, you haven’t rested, Amrik you go too. Nurse says go now, meeting time is over. Tejo says let me stay here. The nurse tells them to leave. Tejo says take care. Jasmine asks for his phone. Tejo says that your phone was left in the car during that accident. Jasmine thinks I have to talk to Dara, if he tells anyone, it will be a big problem. Amrik asks everyone to go home. Fateh says you go home and rest. Amrik says Jasmine needs me.

Gurpreet says I will stay with Amrik, you all go. Fateh is right. everyone leaves. Tejo wonders who that man was. Dara says either Jasmine will give me money now or her truth will come out. Tejo sees.

Fateh does the dressing. Tejo turns and hugs her. Dara goes to Jasmine and asks for money. He threatens to expose her.

Update Credits: Amena

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