Udayiyaan 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrik Loses Control

Udayiyaan 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrik Loses Control

Udayiyaan 4th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrik Loses Control

Udaariyan 4th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TeleUpdates.com

The episode begins with Amrik remembering the accident. His hands tremble. He drops the keys. Jasmine smiles. Tejo says his hands are trembling, we should go with him. Fateh and Tejo sit down. Jasmine scares Amrik. She asks Amrik to drive now. She plays the song. Satti feeds parathas to Dilraj. He says I will do the project. Rupi asks her to do it on time. Dilraj says Tejo will help me to do this, I will get good marks. Sati prays for Tejo. Jasmine feels that both of you cannot reach anywhere now. Tejo Message Boojo… We are with Jasmine, coming soon. Tejo asks Amrik to leave him. Jasmine asks what is special there, he will drop you. She says you did not go to college today. Tejo makes excuses. Boozo looks at the man and thinks should I talk to him, no, I will just keep an eye out. Tejo gives a message to Fateh. Jasmine sings songs to harass them. American drives consciously. Tejo Chowk overlooks the area. She asks Amrik to take O turn, he has to go, it is necessary. Jasmine says wait a while. She thinks I will not let you reach there.

Mahi gets upset with Gurpreet and leaves. Khushbir comes to talk to Gurpreet. Tejo gives a message to Buzo. Fateh and Jasmine argue. She asks them to sing a song. Khushbir says Mahi was right. Gurpreet says I am glad that Jasmine is calm now, she is taking advantage that now we don’t even have house. He says this is happening because of us. She says she is our bahu now. He says we have accepted him, I think you see nothing more than your sons happiness. She says it is not so. Buzo sees the man leaving. He messages Tejo and asks what to do, the man is leaving. Tejo replies follow him, and click some pics, we’ll find out who it is. American brakes. Tejo says be careful American. Fateh says I will drive. Jasmine says American, show them, you can drive good car, you can.

Buzo follows the man. Tejo says this is enough, we have come far already. Jasmine says I bought a new car, my husband took me for a long drive, now calm down, relax. She says American, now we will touch the speed of 100 kmph. Fateh asks are you mad. Tejo says he is scared. Jasmine says I am making her get rid of fear. She asks Amrik to drive, she will sing for him. The man calls Jasmine. Boozo tries to take her picture. Jasmine gets a call from Dara. That guy says she is acting smart, she is not answering my calls. He calls again. She answers. He asks for more money. She says I will call you back. He threatens her. Fateh and Tejo see him. Jasmine says I will call back at 5 pm.

She thinks he is blackmailing me. She says I will not leave her. Jasmine thinks I have to call her at 5 pm. She messages him. Buzo follows. Jasmine thinks of doing something. Angad comes to the club. He says I didn’t have much, did you add anything to my drink. The man says no, you came with a friend and ordered a drink, a girl came with her friend. Angad shows Jasmine’s picture. The man says yes, he is the same. Jasmine sings. The man says I gave him a drink. Waiter says madam’s phone fell down, I bent down to pick up the phone, I put the drink on this table. Angad says in front of her, then she played this game, I understand her game, then she left. The man says yes, she came back to get something. Angad says got it, thanks.

She says Jasmine spiked my drink, and calls Tejo from my phone, so Tejo’s name was dialed last, she is clever. Tejo American says slow down the car. Fateh asked Amrik to drive carefully. Tejo asks Fateh to wear a seat belt. She also asks Jasmine. Jasmine says I have a lot of trust in my husband. Satti and Lovely are in the Gurudwara. Satti is restless. She prays for Tejo. Jasmine says Amrik, amazing, you drive such a nice car, who said you are scared. Tejo and Fateh ask Amrik to stop the car. American drives the car. Satti spills the prasad. She worries and chooses him. She says it is a bad omen, something bad will happen. Lovely says nothing will happen. Satti cries and prays for the family.

Jasmine asks Amrik are you fine. A truck comes towards the car. Tejo asks her to see in front. Fateh says truck is in front, stop the car. Jasmine asks Amrik to stop. American remembers the accident. America takes a turn. The car slips and rolls. All four of them have an accident.

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Update Credits: Amena

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