Udayiyaan 3rd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Jasmine fell from the stairs

Udayiyaan 3rd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Jasmine fell from the stairs

Udayiyaan 3rd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Jasmine fell from the stairs

Udayiyaan 3rd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Episode starts with Jasmine saying that I want the child to have Fateh as his father. She talks to Tanya. She says I want complete family for the child, it will happen when I will be with them. Tanya says it will happen. Jasmine says we have today only, with folded hands, we have to make them understand. Gurpreet is in Gurdwara. Tanya comes and greets. Gurpreet says I have made panjiri for Jasmine. Tanya feels that Jasmine knows him very well. She asks what did you think about Jasmine’s condition, you know she is stubborn, I heard her talking to doctor, doctor said abortion can happen in early months, a month has passed, my There is a way out, don’t worry. Gurpreet asks her to say. Tanya Fateh says, there can be no better father for Jasmine’s child than Fateh. Jasmine asks where is Tejo. Bebe says she must have gone to college. Satti asks Jasmine to come with her. Jasmine refuses and wonders where Tanya went. Gurpreet says you are right, you and Fateh get married. Tanya says no, I am talking about Jasmine and Fateh’s marriage. Gurpreet asks what are you saying, Fateh and you love each other. Tanya says time changes everything, sorry I can’t think of her that way, but my faith in her was broken so Fateh and I can never unite. Gurpreet says give time, everything will be fine. Tanya says I need many years to heal these wounds, but Jasmine has few weeks. Dilraj comes to Jasmine. He says that Tejo had gone to the Gurudwara. Jasmine thinks why Tanya went there.

Tanya says if we get Jasmine married to someone else, then what is the guarantee that he will give father’s love to the child and let you all stay connected, if Jasmine marries Fateh then all the relations of Amrik. will be given to the child. Gurpreet says no, Fateh will never marry Jasmine. Tanya says think about Amrik and the kid. Jasmine comes and sees Tanya requesting Gurpreet. She smiles and thinks she is busy doing her work. At home Gurpreet hugs Fateh and cries. He asks what happened. She says I met Tejo in gurudwara, he asked you to marry Jasmine, this is the last way to save Amrik’s child, why did he say this, what happened, you both can get married and Jasmine has kids. can handle. Fateh thinks Tejo is dead, how should I tell you. Tejo thinks when will you come and take me, your heer is waiting. Fateh says I don’t know if she loves me or not, how can she decide about my marriage, Jasmine and my marriage is not possible now.

Fateh sees Tanya on the jogging ground. He holds her hand and stops her. He scolds her. She says I met Gurpreet in gurdwara, I put myself in Tejo’s place and thought about her decision, so I did so, what is the problem in marrying Jasmine. He says I don’t love him. He says you loved him before, now think about your family. Logic. He warns her. She says I am not afraid of anyone. He says this is my family, if you interfere in my affairs, I will make you away. She asks when, yours and Jasmine’s purpose gets completed, tell me when to go. Jasmine says Tanya went for jogging, I will call her. She falls down the stairs. Lovely gets worried seeing this and Jasmine screams. Satti asks what happened. Lovely asks if anything happened to her child. Jasmine says nothing should happen to my child. Rupi and everyone ome. Roopi takes Jasmine and tells Satti to call Tejo first. Tanya asks should I tell them the truth. Fateh replies. He hears about Jasmine’s fall. He says baby… they leave. They reach the hospital.

Tanya and Fateh come there. Jasmine says Fateh, my baby… Jasmine says I cannot let anything happen to the baby, this is the last way to get Fateh. Tanya wonders if she is using me too. Bau Ji gets a call about Jasmine’s accident. He asks what, Jasmine fell from the stairs. Gurpreet was shocked to hear this. Fateh cries and thinks that I wish Tejo was here. Tejo says I like to get wet. She asks Mr. Cloud to take some rain. Fateh and Tejo enjoy standing under the rain. The girl asks if your fate is like rain. Tejo says we both like it. Fateh says it is raining today but not you, I miss you Tejo, this rain is useless if you are not in my life. Tejo dances and jumps in the rain. He remembers their moments and cries.

episode ends

Update Credits: Amena

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