Udayiyaan 18 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Fateh’s surprise for Tejo

Udayiyaan 18 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Fateh’s surprise for Tejo

Udayiyaan 18 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Fateh’s surprise for Tejo

Udayiyaan 18 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Jasmine’s imagination coming to an end. She is seen writing a letter and is saying that you did not kill anyone American, it was just a lie, forgive me if possible. She puts the letter in the book. Tejo talks to Fateh on the phone. She says dad was very worried, I assured him that I will not talk to you. Fateh says I understand. Gurpreet comes to Amrik’s room and cleans the room. She takes the book. She goes to trash the book. Fateh says this is American’s book, don’t throw it away. He takes She says keep her book in her room. he goes. He gets a call and runs. He keeps the book in the drawer. Jasmine comes out of the washroom. She doesn’t see the book. She says I think Amrik took the book, wish he would forgive me and not tell it to anyone, especially Fateh.

Fateh remembers Rupi and Tejo’s words. He sees Rupi fixing his scooter. He comes to greet and offers to help. Rupi says I don’t want any help. Fateh thinks of reaching the college on time. He calls Neeraj and says I will take some time to come, my bike got damaged, you all start practice. Fateh says please come, I will drop you, you are upset, please forgive me, at least accept the lift. Rupi says I will never take your help. He asks someone for a lift. He goes on a bicycle with a boy. Fateh thinks he doesn’t want to forgive me, I will get his forgiveness. Tejo comes. What does everyone sing to say…. She laughs.

Everyone congratulates him for the promotion and gives gifts. Satti says your friend called us and says you have become HOD. Tejo asks Rupi if he will not congratulate her. Rupi blessed him. Mahi makes a video call. They all congratulate Tejo. Tejo thanks him. Mahi asks Tejo to throw them a party. Tejo says sure, we will meet soon. She wonders where is Fateh. She goes to change. Biji asks Rupi to get Tejo married soon. Tejo asks where is Fateh, he did not wish me, should I call him. She gets a call from Angad and says you are wishing me last. Angad says Tejo ji… she says sorry. He says congratulations for being late, now you have become HOD, we should party. She says I will give you a party, family has booked me today, it is not possible today. He says ok bye. She says everyone wished me except Fateh, I will take her class today. Jasmine says don’t know if Amrik read the letter or not, how will he react, he went with Fateh to drop Simran, he will tell me when he gets.

He gets a message from Amrik that he will come home late, he should go to sleep. She says is he avoiding me. Its morning, Tejo gets ready. Satti praises him and feeds him curd. Rupee argues with the mechanic about his scooter. She asks him to get her scooty, she will go by auto. He blesses her and leaves. Tejo is on his way in an auto. The driver takes a turn. He asks why did you take like this, I have to go to college, can you hear me, stop auto, who are you, I will call police. She screams for help.

He stops the auto and runs away. She asks where did you leave me in the middle, my phone…. She sees Fateh coming as a groom on the tractor. She laughs. She hugs him. People come and dance on the dhol. Fighting eyes… ahun ahun…. Plays… Fateh wishes him all the best. He says goodbye to the people. He says congratulations. Tejo says this auto driver. She sees Navraj and gets angry. Navraj asks Fateh for his work. Fateh gives her chocolate. Tejo calls him crazy. Fateh says I am mad for you. He gives her a rose. She laughs. She asks what was all this, you scared me. He asks why, do you think I am a goon. She says no. He says congratulations on becoming the college head. She says you did not call or message earlier. He hugs her and says I will end your annoyance. He asks her to come. She asks where do you want to take me. He asks why, you can’t walk with me. She remembers Rupi’s words.

Fateh and Tejo have a moment. Amrik gets his book. He shouts Jasmine. She falls down.

Update Credits: Amena

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