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The episode begins with Khushbir and Gurpreet decorating their house. She says Jasmine is going to come, I don’t want any issue and fight. He asks if I can’t celebrate with my daughter. She says this is not our house. Beeji says Tejo did a lot for us, we will send her happily. Gurpreet says she will not care about these things, we should not let Jasmine fight. Amrik and Jasmine arrive. He says Tejo will do the paperwork and will come. Beeji protects him from his evil eye. Khushbir asks how are you now. Jasmine remembers her words. Gurpreet performs her aarti and feeds her sweets. Biji says we are glad that you came home safely. Mahi says it happened because of Jasmine, she will ask Amrik if he needs anything, today is Tejo’s birthday, I don’t like that he is going home today. Amrik asks Jasmine to take some rest. Biji asks Khushbir to stop Tejo for a few more days. He says no, I don’t want people to talk about him, we will miss him, we will tolerate it. American goes to get medicine. Jasmine sees the rope. Fateh goes to the jeweler’s shop and thinks about what to buy for Tejo. She likes some earrings. Tejo comes and says this is cute right. She tries. He smiles and hints that it looks good.

After this they are seen dancing in the fields. Dekho Mai Ya….. He hugs her and says this is my promise, we will be together soon. He hugs her. His imagination comes to an end. He hears Angad and turns to see. Angad buys a chain for Tejo. Fateh wonders why he is so excited for Tejo’s birthday.

Mahi comes and gives turmeric milk. She says we don’t trust you, I know you can never change. Jasmine cries. Amrik comes to him and helps. Tejo comes to talk. She sends it to America. Jasmine wishes Tejo a happy birthday and hugs her. Tejo thanks him. She asks will you not give me birthday present. Jasmine asks what should I give to you, you gave me my life, you have overtaken me. Tejo says I always wanted to take me along and walk, now its up to you, you lied to everyone, tell the truth today, it will be a big gift for everyone, Dara is alive. Jasmine is shocked.

Jasmine hugs him and cries. She says I got blind in revenge, I didn’t see my crime and its consequences, I wanted to ruin the whole Virk family, when I saw them cry for me, I realized I was very wrong. Tejo says Amrik is living in depression since that day, you have insulted Fateh so much, whole family is hurt by you. Jasmine says forgive me one last time, next time it will not happen. Tejo says if you want to apologize, then you have to tell truth to everyone, Amrik is your husband, he loves you. Jasmine says no they already hate me, don’t tell them, please forgive me, I want to give love to american and everyone, i am really changing, i will not do anything against them, i promise I do, give me a chance, I’ll do what you say, don’t ask me to tell the truth. Tejo asks her to think once again, this will be her last chance. Jasmine asks what will you make me do. Tejo asks are you scared. Jasmine says no, okay, I will do as you say, you have to listen to me.

Fateh buys flowers for Tejo. He sees the earrings and smiles. He remembers Angad. He takes his car back. He hit Angad’s car. Angad asks are you blind, hey you… he comes and sees Fateh. He says you have got gifts and flowers for Tejo, I wanted to wish him the best first. Fateh says she loves me, you will always be behind. He leaves. Angad says lovers get upset quickly.

Mahi says Tejo and Jasmine are not together. Everyone worries. Fateh says I hope Tejo doesn’t go home, I have to give this gift to her. Everyone does the preparation. Rupi says I have made bangle for Tejo.

Dilraj says his phone is not available, will she come or not. Rupi says she will come. Amrik calls Jasmine. He says maybe he left his phone at home, I bought a new phone for him. Gurpreet and Busy worry and pray. Mahi calls Fateh and says that Tejo and Jasmine are not at home. Fateh asks where can they go, I will find out. Rupi asks why Tejo didn’t come, Jasmine did… Satti says Jasmine is changing. He says if it happens then I will be most happy. Fateh goes to the hospital and asks about Tejo and Jasmine. Nurse says she didn’t come here. He thinks I had warned Tejo not to trust Jasmine.

Navraj says Tejo and Jasmine are not at home. Everyone looks for Tejo and Jasmine.

Update Credits: Amena

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