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Episode starts with Tejo and Angad following Dara. Fateh remembers Angad’s words. Hum Tumse Pyaar Kitna….plays… thinks about Tejo. Power comes. He greets her. She asks if Jasmine is fine. He says I just came, I don’t know, you go, I come now. He wonders where Tejo and Angad went. Tejo says he should not know that we are following him, he tried to harm Jasmine. Jasmine remembers Dara and thinks he can tell them. She gets tensed. Satti calls the nurse. Tejo says I want to know who is he and what does he want, we have to catch him somehow. They get stuck in traffic. She says I will go and take her. His phone falls in the car. She runs after Dara. Fateh calls her.

Dara leaves. Fateh says why she is not replying. Tejo gets in the car. Angad says it is risky, don’t worry, I will take a short cut. Jasmine asks where is Tejo. Satti says she will come, don’t worry. Jasmine thinks that Dara is talking to Tejo. Tejo asks are you sure about this route. Angad says yes, its short cut. Jasmine says call Tejo, I want to meet her. Satti says I will call her. The doctor examines Jasmine. Fateh is watching. Angad and Tejo look at Dara. Tejo says this is the same house where Fateh and I had come, we will go and talk to him. He says wait, he will get to know.

Doctor says he is fine, we will shift him in the room, we will release him tomorrow. Satti thanks doctor. Jasmine feels that Dara will not come home. She asks Satti to call Tejo. She thinks I don’t even remember Dara’s number. Fateh thinks where has Tejo gone, something is wrong. Angad and Tejo knock on the door. Tejo thinks of informing Fateh. She looks for her phone. Fateh calls her. Dara pushed Angad and caught him in the net. Tejo comes for help. Dara caught him at knife point. Angad asks her to leave Tejo. Dara asks why are you following me, tell me quick. Behind this, Fateh thinks that Jasmine is there. Tejo says we just wanted to talk to you, I saw you with Jasmine, she is my sister, I want to know what you want, who are you. He says you could have asked Jasmine. Fateh asks what did you talk to Tejo, I saw Tejo going with Angad, did he tell you where she is going. Jasmine thinks that thank God, she did not meet Dara. Tejo says Jasmine is recovering after an accident, who are you, why are you bothering her. Tejo and Angad fight with Dara. Jasmine says I don’t know. Fateh says your games are not over, is this your plan. She says I know you hate me, I know you are praying that I die. He says shut up, everyone is not like you, Tejo risked his life to save you, this is your punishment. She cries. Tejo and Angad tie Dara. Angad asks what is your problem. Tejo asks why do you want to harm her. Dara says she herself is a problem, ask her to give my money. Jasmine says you are saying this, you did not commit less crime. Fateh remembers his words. Dara says he made my fake death certificate, I am alive. Tejo remembers Jasmine’s words.

Fateh says I really forgot, well you reminded, sorry Jasmine, I have no right to talk to you or anyone else like this, believe me, I never wanted that to be wrong with you. Dara says that he implicated Amrik in a fake accident and then married him. Tejo says that it means no one died in that accident that night. Dara says it was me. Fateh says I did a lot to save you and help Tejo. Jasmine says I know, Tejo picked me up and put me in tempo, she rushed me to hospital. He says she did this because you are her life, you both have a strange relationship, you have hurt her a lot, but she cannot see you in pain. Jasmine cries. Fateh wonders where did she go. Dara says she is also taking care of my family. Tejo says it means american is innocent, my doubt was right, you did crime. Dara says this is my work, he helped me, I helped him, he gave me a lot of money. She scolds him. She says Amrik tried to end his life, you should have thought about him. He says your sister did this, what did I do. Angad says you will go to jail. Dara says that she will also go to jail, go and give it to the police. Tejo remembers Fateh. Angad asks what are you thinking, we will hand him over to police, and Jasmine Tejo also says no, come. Amrik tied Jasmine’s hair. She jokes. they laughed. He wants her to always smile. She remembers his words. She cries. He asks why are you crying, don’t cry. Gurpreet and Satti smile seeing them. Amrik asks Jasmine to take care. Angad says she has committed crime, she will face punishment. Tejo says its not easy, she is my sister. Angad says that this blackmailing will continue. She says let me solve this matter in my own way. He says we know that Amrik did not kill anyone, Amrik should know this, Jasmine should be punished. She says we should not rush into anything, I think she is changing, I am telling the truth, it is not right to give her to police, please support me, we will not tell anyone. Angad says Fateh cannot control his anger, he will not spare anyone. He leaves. She thinks what to do, should I tell Fateh or not.

Tejo says I have to ask something. Fateh asks for Tejo and Jasmine. Nurse says they didn’t come here. He worries.

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