Udaariyaan July 30, 2022 Written Episode Update: Fateh and Tejo’s Reboot

Udaariyaan July 30, 2022 Written Episode Update: Fateh and Tejo’s Reboot

Udaariyaan July 30, 2022 Written Episode Update: Fateh and Tejo’s Reboot

Udaariyaan July 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Fateh taking Tejo home. They come in, holding hands. Everyone throws flowers at it. Tejo gets blessing. Everyone hugs her. Mahi says we became happy with your return, never leave us. They all dance. Everyone clap for Fateh and Tejo. Tejo’s coat hook opens. She becomes aware of it. She holds Fateh’s hand. She motions for him to see the dress hung up. Fateh grabs her and takes her aside. She turns to the pillar. He fixes the hook.

Jasmine and family are coming. Fateh sees Jasmine and thinks I have to tell Tejo about Jasmine’s truth, I can’t let her stay with Tejo. Jasmine hugs Gurpreet and says I came here to be a part of Tejo’s happiness. Gurpreet says you can come here anytime, this is your house. Simran says Mama only dreams of the baby, Jasmin didn’t want to give birth to the baby. Satti says she decided to remarry, she found a man for herself, a baby has the right to get mom and dad’s love. Jasmin signs Fateh and smiles. He’s getting angry.

Tejo says it’s a good thing, I’ll talk to Jasmin and meet this guy. Satti says I want Jasmine to tell you about it herself. Fateh goes to Jasmine and takes her aside. He says how dare you come here, I told you to stay away from Tejo. She asks him not to burn his hand because of her. He says I have to tell Tejo everything about you, I know you can do anything to Tejo. She says I won’t hurt your Tejo, I came here to be a part of your happiness. He says I know you well, she’s okay now, she’ll deal with your truth, you’ll be punished. Simran asks is everything alright. Fateh says things will never be good when she’s fine, you know what she’s done, she’ll never change. Jasmine looks dazed. Simran holds her tight. Gurpreet asks what happened. Jasmin doesn’t say anything, I was dizzy. Gurpreet takes her with him. Jasmin signals hm and leaves. Simran says you and Jasmine had a past, wait a minute, she’s getting married, you’ll get rid of her. Buzo comes and asks where is Candy, have you seen him? She yells Candy and panics. Tejo and Fateh say he’ll be there, don’t worry. Everyone is looking for Candy.

Simran is crying. Buzo asks her not to worry. Simran remembers the words of this man. Fateh finds Candy in front of the house. Buzo comes and hugs him. He asks where you went. Candy says I wanted to get the ball, an uncle gave me these chocolates. Buzo throws the chocolates. Simran talks to this man and asks about Candy. He says he’s home, don’t tell anyone or I might get angry, I can do anything when I’m angry. Tejo says don’t take anything from strangers, mama is so worried, come quick. Simran is crying. Fateh says we have candy. Simran embraces him and weeps. She asks where you went. Candy says I went out. She scolds him. Fateh takes Candy with him. Fateh and Tejo are playing with Candy. Tejo says I’ll make you a milkshake. Nimmo says Fateh is so happy with Candy, he loves children very much, it is his destiny, don’t know if he will have children or not, you forgot that you became a child, just give good news soon. She goes. Sati is watching. Tejo goes into the kitchen and cries. Satti says Nimmo said it wrong but she is right, forget everything, you and Fateh are together as husband and wife now, you are both making a fresh start, starting your family, thinking of each other. Fateh watches. Tejo says I’ll think about it. She hugs Satti.

Tejo comes into her room. She sees the decorations. Fatah is coming. she looks at him. He says sorry mahi might have done that made you feel bad. She says no, it’s well decorated, I need some time. He says don’t pressure yourself, I’m in no hurry, take as much time as you want, I’ll remove the jewelry. She says let it be. He removes the rose petals from the bed. She changes and comes. He says don’t push, I have an idea to solve this. He takes his pillows. She says stand back, I trust you. He asks if you are sure. She says 100%. He says I don’t trust myself. He laughs. He says I need to think of something innovative, like video games, best stress reliever. They take popcorn and juice and play video games. You have fun. She wins the game. She laughs. He smiles when he sees her. She thanks him for understanding her. He says I want to make every moment with you special. She says I feel tired. They go to their room and lie down on the bed. He remembers her moments. She remembers Satti’s words. He ties her dupatta to his hand and turns to sleep.

The episode ends

Update credit to: Amena

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