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Udaariyaan July 29, 2022 Written Episode Update: Tejo reunites with Fateh

Udaariyaan July 29, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Jasmine apologizing. Satti says it’s ok, Tejo told me everything, you should have come home or called me. Jasmin says I felt sorry for myself, I felt lonely. Satti asks, how can you think that, your father said he is always with you, even I with you. Jasmin says I always felt that you loved Tejo more and hated me. Tejo comes into the classroom. The teacher Ms. Batra asks if that crazy girl came back to ask her to leave. Dipti says I told you Tejo is fine. Tejo asks Ms. Batra not to worry. Ms. Batra asks if you will hit me. Dilraj hands Jasmine the watch and leaves. Satti says he likes you very much, you say you’re alone, have you spoken to him. Jasmin says he went to Canada, he’s not here. Satti asks her not to worry. Tejo asks why she is afraid. Dipti tells her everything. Tejo is crying.

Dipti says how Fateh treated you, I can’t even explain it, he really loves you very much. Tejo asks where I can get him at this time. Dipti says auditorium. Satti feeds Jasmine the food. She says give us Yash’s number, we’ll talk to his parents. Jasmine says no, I’m not sure, I’m happy since Tejo brought me home, I have someone to take care of me. Satti thinks what she thinks now. Jasmine asks for water. She thinks I’ll use Tejo now.

Tejo goes into the auditorium. She sees a couple dancing. Fateh says very nice. The girl says you and Tejo danced great last time. Tejo remembers. Fateh says it’s enough practice for today, everyone goes back to class. The students leave. He remembers the old moments. He sits there sadly. Tejo asks if I should help. Fateh gives her the colors to paint. You make the heart cutout. You fix it. He says you remember our Heer Ranjha play. She says yes, very well. He says I even remember the dialogues. You say the dialogues.

They hold hands and dance. The fan starts blowing the air. The paper cutouts and other props start flying. Fateh rushes and turns off the fan. They laugh. He says it looks like nothing has changed, you, me, this college, I’m really happy. She says a lot has changed, you have changed, you are no longer the Fateh I knew 9 months ago, you used to be angry and insecure about love, you used to do everything in a hurry, that’s you not any longer longer. He says then I would have really changed, I was scared of losing you, I’ve lost you so many times that I’m not scared of losing you, I know you can never get away from me even if you far go, we are made for everyone other.

She asks how you felt when you heard the news of my death. He says 7 months, 15 days, 9 hours and 52 minutes, I lived like dead, when I saw you at the carnival I breathed again, when you weren’t here I couldn’t smile, tears couldn’t stop, I used feeling suffocated without you, i’m glad i didn’t lose you. The lights go out. Fateh turns on an emergency light. She sees Tejo loves Fateh on a slate. She asks who wrote that. He says you wrote that. She asks when. He says when we got married and moved into our dream house. She says you loved me even then how could you love a crazy girl. He says I can love you in every way, you were so happy then, you told me that you don’t want anything to change. She asks why I don’t remember. He says its ok i remember it taught me you are always mine i know the memories are in your heart at the right time you will find those memories i trust you you trust too me, your Fateh and his love can never change for you. He holds her face. She cries. lights come on. He goes. Tejo remembers everyone’s words. She yells at Fateh and stops him.

He turns to her. She runs to him and hugs him. They cry. She says I know what you have done for me in these 9 months, everyone is a witness to your faithfulness, I have reached you, your love has melted my heart, I don’t want to end this marriage, you are the truth to me, so I believe this marriage, I used to love you, you gave me love these nine months, I will always love you. He says I don’t want to put any pressure on you, take your time I’ll wait. She says but I don’t want to wait, I want to go home where we’ll be together. They cry and cry happily. He asks her to come. She asks him for the Mangalsutra. He smiles and takes the Mangalsutra out of his pocket. He lets her wear it. Udaariyaan….plays…

The episode ends

Update credit to: Amena

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