Udaariyaan 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Advait threatens Jasmin

Udaariyaan 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Advait threatens Jasmin

Udaariyaan 30th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Advait threatens Jasmin

Udaan Dec 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode opens with Advait praising the compliant police in front of the media. He says that our favorite policeman ASP Ekam Randhawa has saved my life by risking his life, I want to thank him. Ekam and Mallika watch the news. Advait looks at Nehmat. The journalists ask Nehmat how Ekam saved her husband. Nehmat sees an old woman stopped by the guard at the gate. She is going to help the lady. She asks the lady to sit down and drink water. She asks why are you crying. The lady says that my son was in the police. She cried as she recounted the death of her son. She asks for help. Nehmat says that we will do anything to help you. He addresses the media. She says we’ll do a charity group for them. Shamsher smiled. Nehmat says that the police save our lives, we also have a duty towards them. Mallika asks Ekam to listen. Go Renuka says that she won’t listen.

Nehmat says that we will do our best. Everyone applauds. Advait also assures the lady. Naaz look. Ekam is in the hospital. Nehmat says thanks for giving us a place in his hospital. She sees Ekam there. She goes and sits behind him. She says I don’t know why, I always feel his presence, I don’t want this feeling. She asks if you’re doing this for this thing. She turns to see them. She says that you are risking your life over and over again, why are you doing this? Ekam says that you lost your right to question me the day you took someone’s hand. She asks what right you came to comfort me, the strings don’t break between us. He asks if you’re okay. She says I’m trying, why don’t you look me in the eye and talk? She says that I can’t see in those eyes where someone else lives, best wishes for her new relationship and new life. The fabric of her sari flies over her. They remember her moments. Shamsher says that Nehmat talked about the charity group, I will give a launch party, we will let Nehmat take care of this group, Naaz and Nikhil will host this party, I will give Nikhil Kapoor as the new face of the party. the va Advaita follows. He says I’ll do what he wants.

Ekam tells the staff about the criminal Sameer Shah. He says we’re transferring him to the Central Jail, the area has been placed on maximum security alert. The commissioner says that you will be honored at the new years event, you have to go to Shamsher’s charity party. Ekam says you know we have to transfer Sameer Shah, he send someone else in my place. The commissioner says that I understand his commitment, but he has to go. Ekam believes that fate brings me closer to Nehmat.

Jasmine meets Advait. She asks why you called me. She jokes and laughs. She plays the recording. She remembers her confession to her crime. He says that I was five years old when my father brought me this walkman, I didn’t know that this would give me the greatest happiness of my life, now take back your words, that Nikhil will sit in my place, because this tape is enough for me policeman, what? get it now.

Nikhil praises Nehmat. She asks what I did. He says you’re wonderful, did you tell dad that I want to do fashion design? she says she doesn’t. She says someone called and said now dad won’t make me join politics. She says that I am very happy, she follows your dreams now. Naaz gets angry. Jasmin now thinks about using her trump card. She calls Harleen. She asks him to wake up. She asks him to go and open her locker quickly. She asks him to bring the brown envelope, just come here quick, I have booked your tickets. Jasmine says that she wanted Advait’s marriage certificate to expose him, I made this plan to expose the true marriage of her, how will she survive now. A boy sells balloons and wishes for Ekam. There is also Advaita and Ekam. Ekam says no, it won’t happen. He gives money. The boy is lucky. She says that we must not lose hope, wishes will come true one day. Ekam looks at her and remembers her moments with her. Advait says focus on work, why are you playing with balloons? He releases the balloons into the air. They leave in the car. Ekam prays. She is seen running Sameer Shah. Ekam says that Sameer has run away, it’s a big problem, he will cross the border, we don’t know who is with him. Sameer meets his team. He gets ready with his clothes. Ekam says that I think he is going to do something big, he will spread terror. Sameer talks to his brother and laughs. He sees Harleen arriving at the airport. Harleen calls Jasmine and says that you sent such a bad car to pick me up. Jasmin says that I will send a better car next time, I have booked the best hotel for you, Hotel Royal. Sameer says that the Royal Hotel will be my target, a big event is going to happen there. Ekam says that he can do something big. The commissioner asks Ekam not to forgive Sameer.

end the episode

Update Credits: Amina

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