Udaariyaan 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Naaz continues meeting Varun

Udaariyaan 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Naaz continues meeting Varun

Udaariyaan 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Naaz continues meeting Varun

Udayiyaan Sep 28, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

The episode begins with Rupi giving the files to Nehmat and firing her. That’s where the letter falls. Naaz meets Varun. She returns the wallet. He thanks you. She says please check if everything is there. She says you’re going to return it, I can’t doubt you. She remembered Nehmat’s slap. Aykam and Nehmat are also in the same cafe. She tells him not to fight her father over him. She says I know there is pain in not being a father, you have hope. Varun asks Naaz to come with him. She says no, my sister takes tension for me. She says because you are so beautiful. Nehmat says that maybe the uncle wants to put you out of misery, my father must have done the same. Naaz looks at Nehmat. She thinks I won’t let her interfere. She says I have an urgent job, I’ll call you. She left.

Women shop at home. Naaz likes the sari. Shaily and Satti ask her to get the sari. Nehmat come. They all ask her to buy a dress. Nehmat says no, they all take it. Satti asks her to go get the bag. Nehmat goes and sees the envelope. She says that maybe her imp, Jasmine gave this card or Yew. Naaz also comes to meet Nehmat. Nehmat opened the letter and said no, this is wrong, I shouldn’t read anyone’s letter, what he wrote about me. Naaz says that Satti needs her bag. Nehmat crushes the letter and throws it away. Rupi enters the room. She says that she had kept the letter here, where did she go. He receives the letter. He’s leaving. Nehmat returns and looks for the letter. She doesn’t get it. Nehmat asked everyone to order food.

Ayakam comes and asks about Mooli Paratha. Shaili says sorry we don’t have any radishes at home. Aykam says that I take my luck with me, here is radish. He sits down to talk to everyone. Naaz says that I can’t even get over the taste of Tejo’s handmade food. She remembers Tejo. Ayam looks at her. She goes to Rupi. She says I have to talk about something, I want to talk about Fateh and Tejo, I have to find out about her accident. Rupi says what happened was scary like a nightmare, because of these girls we had to forget about everything, your dad was handling the case, then another inspector Nihal Singh took over the case, but there was no result, so we forgot of all that. Aykam says that I’m sorry for remembering this. Rupi says fine, why did you ask me? Aykam says that Nehmat suspects that it was not an accident. Rupi asks her to take care of Nehmat. Aykam believes that I will find the truth to make her happy. Nehmat comes and argues with Aaryakam. Satti serves food to Aykam. He feels proud and says that I am late, something is going to happen at the university. Satti gives him some food to take away. Aykam says that you will stay with me all day. Rupi tells them to be careful and go to the university. Aykam and Nehmat leave. Satti says that they look happy together. Rupi says that I remember seeing Fateh. She says that I am happy that Nehmat chose her, I wish that Naaz has a good life partner. Naaz meets Varun. He complains about the table reservation. Varun uses his contacts and gets a table. Naaz believes that he is better than Aykam. Nehmat asks why you came back. Aykam says you are my world. she jokes He says I will love you always. She asks him to tell her the truth. He asks you to sit back and enjoy driving. Nehmat enjoyed the trip. They arrived at the police station. He says that he meets my friend Jaswant, they posted it here. He meets Jaswant and congratulates him. They hug. Emily says that 16 years ago there was a big accident, five people from Khushbir and his family died, I need some help, just show me the case file. Jaswant pointed out.

end the episode

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