Udaariyaan 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Advait lies to Nehmat

Udaariyaan 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Advait lies to Nehmat

Udaariyaan 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Advait lies to Nehmat

Udaan Feb 1, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Nikhil asking if the two of them had a fight. Nehmat says no, I got hurt and starts crying, she can’t see my pain. She goes. Naz says that she’s hurt, that she can’t take care of herself, I’ll go see her. She goes to Nehmat and hugs her. She thanked Nehmat. Nehmat says I didn’t tell Nikhil, but I’ll never forgive you. Naz thinks to see what I do.

Advait asks Nehmat to check the lemmas. She asks to see him. He says I want to know your opinion, you can tell if people will like it or not. she chooses one. She says that it is for the best, it seems that a simple person is talking to people. He selects her. He thanks her and hugs her. They both discuss the party. Shamsher applauds and Ram says that Nehmat has changed our son, that he is on a new path. He asks Nehmat to accompany Advait everywhere. Advait says yes, he will stay with me. Shamsher discussed the plan. Naaz gets angry. Neeru says that the assassin’s daughter is making election plans and we are making tea for her. Naaz says Nehmat, I will kick you out of the house. Advait receives a message from Mallika. Naaz also checks her phone. She calls Mallika and tells her that this won’t help, you have to attack continuously and not give Nehmat a chance. Naz says that Mallika will not forgive Nehmat.

Advait and Nehmat are looking for a promotion. Your call arrives. Shamsher and everyone watch the news. The reporter praised Nehmat. Shamsher says I told you, there’s something special about this girl, she’s a diamond. Nikhil says you’re right. Advait is going to take the call. He bumps into Mallika. She goes.

Naz says that Ekam is gone from her life, and now Advait is going too. Ekam asks people to step aside. See Nehmat and Advait. Harleen keeps to herself. They van Satti gets lassi for Advait and Nehmat. Reporters come to interview Advait. Advait says if we get blessings then we will win the election. He behaves sweetly. Rupi is happy. Nehmat thinks that I think Advait is really trying. Mallika sees them. She calls Advait and leaves.

Nehmat ended the call. Ram approaches her. She says that I can think first as a mother, I am happy to see my son happy with you, you have proved to be a good wife, this is a small gift from me, please keep it, I will be happy. Nehmat thanked. Rama goes. The man tells Advait that there are only 6 days left for the nomination if any case can go against him. Advait thinks that no one should know that I am already married, Nehmat is not my legal wife. Nehmat opened the safe and put away the jewelry box. She sees a passport.

She checks and says that Advait has Canadian citizenship. She plans to talk to Advait. Advait says that I am clear, people will make me win. Shamsher says that if the matter comes to light, I’m here to clear it up. Nehmat reaches Advait. He says we have to go to a promotional event. She asks what is this Advaita. She remembers Jasmine’s words.

Naz provokes Mallika. Mallika asks how you can be sure that Advait also wants the same thing. Naz says of course, Advait loves you madly, he must be liking Nehmat, you have to stop this. Mallika says it’s okay, you have to help me. Naz says of course, I’ll help you. Advait asks where did you get this from. Nehmat says in the closet. He says sorry I wanted to tell you this. She questions why she needed Canadian PR when she lives in India. Advait says that he needed something, actually I was forced. His call comes. He does not answer the phone. He says that dad sent me there and I had to take PR, don’t worry, I want to be here with the family and with you and serve the people. She thinks that if he tells the truth, she should support him. She says that no one should know about this, thank you for being so understanding, I have made many mistakes in the past, I want to start over, I hope you will support me in this. Nehmat thinks that I don’t know if I’m doing it right or wrong. She goes. He says how can I be so careless. He gets a call and says sorry honey I was busy. A girl says come meet me. She says that she was with my wife, I can’t meet now, this is a delicate stage of my life, once I win the election, I will plan something special for you. She ends the call. She thinks Nehmat is trapped, she looks at what games I’m playing now.

end the episode

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