Udaariyaan 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Naaz and Mallika fight

Udaariyaan 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Naaz and Mallika fight

Udaariyaan 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Naaz and Mallika fight

Udaan Nov 14, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

scene 1
Dance practice begins. Nehmat thanks Advaita for helping her. She says I hope you don’t tell anyone. She said yes. Mallika sees them talking. She gets angry. She remembers what Naaz said. Advaita says hello Mallika. Nehmat hugged her. Ekam hugs Nehmat. They start practicing. Ekam tells Nehmat that you remember your punishment? She says shut up. Ekam says let me meet auntie. Let’s know the goodness of her. He goes out. Advaita says Mallika, I can’t dance. you dance Mallika says please. This is our wedding. Ekam hugged Nehmat outside. She says sorry. He keeps it. Nehmat says let me go. He says that he will never let you go. I’m all yours. He says you are my world. We are getting married soon. He says we’re not even engaged. She makes a ring in the bottle cap and puts it on. He goes over to kiss her. Nehmat pushed him. She kisses her cheek. Nehmat runs inside.

Advaita says Mallika, I have a lot of work. Nikhil says let me tell you. Mallika says let’s continue. Naaz says we can start when Advaita returns. Mallika says such a boring marriage. Your bonbon prince is so boring. Mallika is furious. Nehmat prays that everything goes well. Naaz and Mallika fight. Mallika splashes water on her face. They both cremate and fight. Nehmat stops them. He says your in-laws will see it. Bua sees them. Nehmat locked them in the room and told them what would happen if his in-laws saw him. Mallika says that she started it. Naaz tells Nehmat to stop his drama. They both hit each other. Naaz says that he keeps insulting me. Mallika says that she is a very liar. Naaz says you misnamed Nikhil’s mother after me. Nehmat yells and says that they both need to stop. Go out and smash each other’s faces. Shame on both of you. I will not side with anyone. You two are the same. Fight and get your marriage cancelled. You have 10 minutes to clean your face or I tell everyone. She leaves angrily.

Ekam searches for Nehmat. She says I can’t tell her. She will tense up. Ekam asks where you were. Ram appears but loses. Bua says they like each other? They were fighting among themselves. Rama remembers what Mallika had said. She says that they are friends. Nikhil says let mom dance. they leave. Mallika’s family is also coming. Kapoor welcomed Randhawa. Mallika angrily tries to leave the room. Naaz says stop fucking with me. Ekam asks Nehmat why you seem worried. I always think of you. Tell me. He says I’m tensed by all this. He says to think only of us. Look how good we look. Mallika says stop playing with me. Naaz says that time will tell whether Nehmat will be your bhabhi or your fiancé’s wife. Mallika slaps him. Nehmat tells Ekam to let me talk to Mallika and Naaz.

Nehmat walks into the room and says done and resolved? Naz says to ask him. Mallika gets ready. She says I’m fine. Naaz says that he saw Mallika slapping me but behaving normally. Naaz hugs Nehmat and says that you did everything right. She says that you will pay for her slap. I will not give up your favoritism. Nehmat also hugs Mallika. Boa comes there. She says let’s dance girls. The dance begins. Shelly asks Naaz where were you? She says that she was resting. She says that Nehmat was with Advait all night and now she is hugging Ekam. Naz says you see what I do with you now Nehmat.

end the episode

Precap: Nehmat and Aykum act in the musical. Jaiveer tells Shamsher, I know he was involved in Tejo and Fateh’s accident, why did you do this? Naaz publishes the article and says that he will destroy Nehmat and Mallika.

Update Credits: Atiba

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