You Touched My Heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 7

You Touched My Heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 7

You Touched My Heart Season 2 ArShi SS Part 7

You touched my heart season 2 part 7

Sheetal shuddered: It’s… it’s… it’s none other than your mother Guman.

Everyone was shocked.

Sam: What are you saying?

Sh: The person who offered me this bungalow because it destroyed your relationship was Gumanji. She also saved me from prison.

Sameera was shaken.

Arn: What are you guys talking about Khushi? I do not understand.

K: Arnavji… you don’t remember anything?

On a.

Sameera beat Sheetal.

The police came and arrested Sheetal.

Sheetal yelled Sameera Ma’am…please tell them not to arrest me. it is my request

Sam: You deserve it, Sheetal. I just called the police.

Sheetal was shocked.

The police took Sheetal away.

Arnav: Why did the police take this girl away?

Sameera: Because she was a wicked witch.

Arn: Really?

Sameera-Khushi smiled.

Khushi smiled: Sameera… Sheetal finally got what she deserved.

Sam: Yes.

Sameera suddenly got bored. Khushi realized that it was Guman’s truth that unsettled Sameera.

K: Sameera…

Sam: Khushi…I know what you’re going to say. No need. I go. See you later.

K: But Sameera…

Sam: Bye Arnav..bye Khushi.

Arn: Bye Sameera…

Guman was tense upon learning of Sheetal’s arrest.

Sameera approached Guman.

S: Mom… are you tense?

Gum: Why should I be tense?

S: Stop your drama mom. I’ve learned the truth. You’re anxious about whether Sheetal will say your name for covering up her immoral traffic case.

G: Ok… I’m not hiding it anymore. I’m the one behind Sheetal’s drama.

But I did it for your good, damn it.

S: My goodness? Like Mom?

G: I wanted you to marry the richest NRI. So I planned this drama. Now you’re going to marry Jay. You will be happy with Jay.

S: Stop mom. For that you played a cheap drama. I won’t forgive you mom. Very soon the police could catch you. But I do not care.


Sameera’s eyes were full of tears: Do you know Mama? I’m ashamed to be your daughter.

Guman was shaken.

Sameera ran away crying.

The next day…

Aman called Sameera: Sameera… your mother Guman kidnapped Arnav and Khushi.

Sameera was shocked: What?

Guman took Arnav-Khushi to a hilly area. They were tied to a chair. They untied their racquets.

Arnav cried like a child.

Arn: Khushi….why is this evil witch hurting us? You are a magic princess. Right? Why don’t you destroy them?

Khushi covered her fear to give him courage. She stroked him.

K: Arnavji… don’t be afraid. Nothing will happen to us.

Guman laughed: Your Rajkumari Khushi lost her magical powers Beta.

Arnav cried like a child. Khushi was helpless.

Suddenly, Aman-Samera reached there. Sameera was shocked to see wounds on Arnav Khushi that indicated they had been injured by Guman’s goons.

Sam: Mom! how cheap can you be


S: What are you planning mom?

G: To put down Arnav and Khushi for distancing my daughter from me.

S: It’s not her fault mom. It’s your fault.

G: No Sam. Nobody can stop me now. i will kill her Nobody can stop me now.

Arnav cried like hell.

Khushi was afraid.

Am: No…you can’t hurt them if I’m alive.

G: Really?

Guman shot himself in the leg and Aman fell.

Guman laughed: How can you save her with that injured leg, Aman?

Aman was helpless. Sameera started crying and pleading.

Sam: Please mom… please don’t do this.

Gum: Sorry Beta. This time I have to ignore your tears.

Guman aimed the gun at Arnav-Khushi. Sameera ran towards them and pushed them aside and Sameera was shot dead.

Everyone was shocked.

Khushi-Aman wept.

Guman screamed: Sameeraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

Guman ran to Sameera: Sam!

Slowly Sameera breathed her last breath.

Guman cried loudly. Then she started laughing, which seemed odd to Khushi and Aman.

Aman: Due to Guman’s dirty play, ASR lost her mental balance and now her sin has turned her into a mental lady again. Yes… Guman has lost her mental balance.

Khushi was shocked.

The policemen reached the thugs and Guman and arrested them.

K: Inspector…Guman has lost her mental balance. I guess she needs psychiatric treatment.

Ins: We’ll think about it later.

You took them all with you.

Suddenly she looked at Arnav. Arnav trembled with fear.

K: Arnavji…

His lips trembled: Sameera… Sameera…

Arnav shouted: Sameeraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Arnav passed out.

Khushi got scared: Arnavjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…

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