Omkara: If I didn’t have the guts, I would never have left the Oberoi mansion, except for Shivaay.

Shivaay: I don’t know why you did this. What did they get by doing all this?

Omkara: How is my mother, Shivaay?

Shivaay: Badi Maa misses her son Omkara… you are my brother Om, please come back at least once.

omkar; You know the reason, except Shivaay. please don’t force me The drinking habit had made me so weak and now I realized it. This girl is the owner of that tea stall.

Shivaay looked at Gauri.

Shivaay: This money to make up for any loss you have suffered…

Gauri: No, Shivaayji. I don’t take money for free, it goes against my principles… the loss is made by your brother….

Omkara: Sorry Gauri.

Gauri: It wasn’t just a shop, it was my dream inheritance… People used to praise there while drinking tea, it became a hope for me every day. I used to have strength to fight… you have been evicted from your home. I won’t ask you the reason because I know you have a lot of problems in your heart… But I need a job to make up for the loss and repay the loan… That’s what I was asking you.

Omkara: You will get a job, Gauri.

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Omkara walked up to her and looked into her eyes. Gauri looked into those deep eyes.

Omkara: Your tears won’t lie, I realized now. I won’t even ask the reason, why did your father lie to me like that? There are some secrets in the life of every human being, there are some opposites that we won’t be able to tell anyone… Come to my art center tomorrow morning.

Gauri: Thank you Omkarji. Thanks for trusting me.

Omkar: Trust!!! You are a genuine person and a brave girl. I don’t know if I can trust someone in life or not because my life has seen a lot. But I will try to trust you.

Gauri: And I will try to earn your trust.

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They both looked at each other and Gauri left there.

It was the beginning of a new bond. The next day at the art center, Gauri arrives on time and sees Omkara working on an idol.

Kunal Jaisingh |  Kunal Jaisingh, Omkara, Male Celebrity

I was trying to paint the idol.

gauri; This Ganesha idol is very beautiful.

Omkara turned and smiled holding the cup of tea.

80 thoughts of Kunal Jaisingh |  Kunal Jaisingh, Omkara, Dil Bole Oberoi

Omkara: Would you like to drink tea from this artist? Hope comes with sips of tea. Gauri, it was you who told me this.

Gauri smiled and took the cup from him.

omkar; Sit there and drink your tea.

Gauri smiled and began to drink tea.

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Gauri: The tea is good. But if you put a little more sugar in it, it will be better.

Omkara: I’m not used to making such sweet tea.

Gauri: I make tea.

Omkara: Your job here is not just to make tea. You will be my personal assistant. This is your job.

Gauri: Thank you Omkaraji, I will do my best.

Om’s phone was ringing continuously.

Omkara: Take Gauri’s call and say that I am working on an art piece. I want peace of mind.

Gauri: Sure. I understand that I have to review everything related to your profession and make sure nothing distracts you while you do your magical work.

Omkara smiled and nodded.

Gauri picks up the phone.

Gauri: Yes, you will receive your orders. Please, Omkarji is working in the same order now.

Gauri became completely absorbed in his work. Days passed and these days things became less and less. One day, Omkar’s work was going on and it was almost night. Omkara and Gauri were to arrive at a tourist center to deliver the utensils designed by Om. Om was very busy with work and Gauri was out of the work area. The wind was blowing and Gauri was shivering with cold. Om’s eyes went there and she approached him and gave him his coat.

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Gauri and Om stared at each other.

Omkar: Please use this Gauri.

Gauri took the coat from her hand.

Omkar: There is only one pitcher left. Later we can go.

he shook his head. Together they went and gave the utensils.

omkar; Gauri, you can go now. It’s too late, isn’t it? Sorry, I had to finish it because it was urgent.

Gauri: No problem Omkarji. I am very impressed by his dedication to his profession. Your hands are magical.

Omkara smiled and said: good night

Gauri: Good evening Omkarji.

Gauri got out of the car. She remembered her mother’s words when her mother insisted that she buy some things for her house. She started walking towards the store. When she was walking down the street after shopping, she saw Omkara going towards the pub.

Gauri ran after him and called him: Omkarji!!!

Omkar: Gauri you are here

Gauri: Are you going to drink again?

Omcar: Yes.

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Gauri: Please don’t do this. This is not good for your health.

Omkara: Who are you to worry about me? Stay within Gauri limits. You are just an employee.

Gauri: So I don’t see my boss going the wrong way. I won’t let you in.

Omkar: This is the medicine to take away my pain, Gauri. You will not understand.

gauri; What a coward you are, Omkarji… instead of suffering, you are intoxicating your mind with poisonous liquor. How long will you do this?

Omkar: So what shall I do? What should I do Gauri? Nobody can understand this.

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Gauri made Om sit on the corner bench. She sat down next to her.

Gauri: If you really believe that this wine can cure pain, then give it to me too. I also want to know if this can change the bitterness in my life.

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