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How did the waves of Kaal’s desire break and how much did he confront Gauri? I felt alone in my pain and not even the brush I was holding was capable of painting the canvas. And there you came to paint not only on my canvas but also in my life. I can’t forget the day we both met for the first time.

a flashback is shown

Rikara came face to face. Omkara saw clouds of tears in Gauri’s eyes.

Gauri: I won’t pay you back. I tried a lot but all to no avail.

Omkar: Who are you?

Gauri: I am Gauri Kumari Sharma, daughter of Lakshmi Sharma and Prasad Sharma.

Omkara: Your father said today’s date just to return the money.

gauri; I know Mr. Omkara… but please give me more time.

Omkara: Who got sick this time? your mother or father

Guy: please. Do you think I’m lying?

Omcar: I don’t know. But your father said that his daughter is going through the last days of his life… he has a brain tumor.

Gauri: Dad said so.

Omkara: Say this, take money from me… Then your father was crying too…

gauri; I apologize for that mistake. I don’t have any disease, I don’t know why dad said this… I’m sorry. But I swear to God Shankar, now I have no money..,,

Omkara: Now you’re also acting like your father?

Omkara and Gauri - Dil Bole Oberoi

Gauri looked at Om in shock. Omkara turned her face away from him.

Gauri: My father charged you money for lying. But I’m not like that. I give you your money back…

Omkar: It’s easy to make a promise but hard to keep.

Gauri: I will never break my promise to you.

Omkara: How can I trust you?

Gauri: I know trust is an important thing. When you get your money back, you’ll start to trust me. But I need your help.

omkar; What ?

Gauri: I want a job. please give me a job here

Omkara: You have nothing to do here.

Gauri: Please Omkara ji. The one that used to run in a small tea shop, someone gave her a few nights. She used to walk home from that store. Father doesn’t come home well and I myself carried the weight of responsibilities. I also have a younger sister, she has to get married. Trying to put a smile on my mother’s face. Is there no worthwhile work here?

Omkara: It is not a multinational company. This is my art center. I like being alone here.

gauri; I heard that you are a famous artist and your schedule is always busy. But I did not find any drivers, save with you. If you don’t mind, would you keep me here as an assistant?

Omkara: So you mean that I should name you and since your father borrowed money from me, I need to give you money monthly as your salary… and what were you saying? Will you give me my money back?

Gauri: It may sound strange, but the real loss I am suffering is because of you, Omkara Singh Oberoi. The one who destroyed my tea stall is none other than you.

omkar: what?

Gauri: That night you were intoxicated and you were driving your car at high speed. You hit a roadside tea stall with your car and didn’t even try to look back.

Omkara: What are you saying Gauri?

Gauri: I am telling the bitter truth.

Omkara: I admit that I am in the habit of drinking alcohol. But am I not intoxicated enough to destroy someone’s store?

Gauri: Rich people like you no longer know the struggle of girls like me who find it hard to earn a little money to support their families. Even then, when in doubt, go to the police station and find out about it.

omkar; I will definitely do that. come with me .

arrived at the rikara police station

Dil Bole Oberoi: Gauri makes Gaurav enter the Oberoi mansion

Omkara sees her brother Shivaay talking to the inspector.

Shivaay: Inspector this news must not come out…

inspector; Your brother Om has broken the store. The shop owner filed a complaint and we also have CCTV footage that clearly implicates Omkara.

Omkar: Shivay

Shivaay: Oh, are you here?

Dil Bole Oberoi (@DboStarPlus) / Twitter

Shivaay: Listen, stay out of this Om. I’ll take care.

Omkar: Shivaay tell the truth. Please

shivaay; True Om.

This truth made Om very disappointed. Surprised, he sat down on a bench. Shivay sat next to him.

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Shivaay: Om, I was warning you that drinking alcohol is not the soul. Face your problems with courage.

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