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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Jul 26, 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhi gets angry at Akshu’s sacrifice

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai July 26, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Akshu saying that Abhi’s online session has ended. She says wow that chocolate smell is coming from our room. She goes to ask Abhi what all this is. He shows the surprise. She goes to him. He says you had broccoli for the first time and I had lauki. She says sorry but what is the connection. He says it calls for it, we make chocolates. Anand says I think we screwed it up. Harsh says it’s okay, I’ll take care of everything. Anand says we will be in touch with Dr. grouping Awasthi. Harsh says yes, I’ll speak to him tomorrow.

Abhi and Akshu make the chocolates. Shamma ko jaise….plays…. Anand asks if you will do all the work yourself today. Harsh says I’ll work, I rested a lot, this hospital doesn’t look like a hospital without Abhi. Anand says yes, dad is always a dad, I’m nervous even without Abhi, I feel safe when he’s here, he’s intelligent and trustworthy, patients and interns feel comfortable with him. Harsh says I want his hand to be okay and he comes back. Anand says he can’t give him up, we have to find the best doctor for him.

Harsh says yes, we want someone who gives us hope. Anand says I’m glad Akshu is with Abhi, she boosts his morale, I’m surprised and impressed to see her courage. It’s morning, Abhi remembers everything that happened. He apologizes to Mahadev. Akshu is coming. She asks him to just come. You go.

Abhi asks Baba? Dadi says yes I summoned him to ward off the evil sight and black magic, I know you all don’t believe this but this fire and this accident it’s a result of someone’s poor vision, you’re doing puja, so were you saved Baby is coming. Dadi asks him to come. Baba holds Abhi’s hand and asks him to do Bholenath’s puja. He says that if you focus your restless heart on Mahadev’s puja, you will be blessed. Abhi sings Om.

Manjiri smiles. Abhi says I have a direct connection to Mahadev, I don’t doubt his decisions so I believe everything that happens is preordained, thank you for coming here, but my devotion to Mahadev is my own. Baba says great if any devotee is on the right path then we are not needed we will go Bholenath shall bless you. He leaves. Dad gets scared. Abhi laughs. Everybody is laughing. Dadi starts crying.

He asks what happened, did you feel bad about my words. She says no. He says you’re all with me, it’s good, you’re fending off my bad sight. Akshu says so. Dadi also fends off poor visibility. He says smile now. he hugs Dadi. Akshu says that there can be no greater benefactor than family.

Kairav ​​says we were all tense. Abhi says I’m a doctor, I trust medical science, my hand is getting better, we should focus on Akshu, she made a fresh start with this audition. Akshu receives a call from the hospital. Abhi asks her to leave, the patient needs her. he jokes She says I’ll do this for myself, you’ll go to your first love as soon as you’re fine. Kairav ​​says that this little phase will be over soon. She goes. Aarohi thinks even this loser gets work calls, and I…

Akshu plays the music. The patients clap for her. Akshu says I get satisfaction from work, one cannot find happiness in anything else. Abhi sits and plays a fish game to practice his hand movements. Akshu overhears the doctors talking about Abhi. She stops Rohan and tells a plan.

Rohan sends the meeting link to Abhi and asks him to join, it’s urgent. He calls Abhi and asks his advice on the operation. Abhi says don’t let me bother you, let’s get down to business, come on.

Abhi she explains. Akshu and Manjiri watch. Akshu says very soon you will do this work as before, I will make any sacrifice and face any challenge, how can nobody love you. Akshu parks the car. The gift boxes fall. She chooses the gifts. She says I don’t know what he’s doing, I’m sure he enjoyed the online counseling session. Kairav ​​calls her and says you got home tell me the truth why don’t you do the auditions. She says I don’t want to think about my career until Abhi is okay. He says we’re all with you, don’t break that. She says it’s ok, Abhi will give me the confidence, we won’t discuss this, Abhi needs me or not but I want to be around him. Kairav ​​says please think again. She says his hand should heal first. He says you might regret that sacrifice later. She says if so then it’s not true love but my love for Abhi is true. She ends the call and turns around. She sees Abhi.

Abhi comes to talk to her in the kitchen. He asks how can you do that, why did you do that? She says I’m worried about my dream, I want to see you save lives, go now, I’ll do kada. He pours water into the pan. He says you threw the water on my dreams I should be hurt more I go crazy when it comes to my Akshu I won’t even hear you. She stops him.

Abhi asks about his nerve damage, the chances of his eternal damage. The doctor answers him and says 95%. Anand says we met a doctor, I didn’t speak to him because he stopped operating. Akshu thinks I have to find this doctor somehow.

Update credit to: Amena

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