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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Anisha and Kairav’s engagement gets fixed

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Aug 6, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Dadi saying that I have ordered this for your upgrade. Akshu asks if my in-laws put this condition and asks me to stop singing, so… Dadi says there is a difference. Abhi and Akshu say that it should be Anisha’s decision. Dadi says that you will understand later, the elderly have more experience, they have farsightedness. Anisha says I accept, it’s ok Abhi, this is my life, it will be my decision, I want to marry Kairav ​​and settle for my choice. Mahima says the matter has been resolved. Everyone claps. Mahima says we will decide the muhurat after 10 days, pandit gave the second date after 3 months, we will finalize the first date, ok. She thinks that before Anisha does a new play, I want her to calm down. Akshu says that Abhi’s surgery… Abhi says that he is not well now, say yes, don’t worry. Akshu says yes. Dadi says no, I don’t want to do this marriage in such a hurry, I have so many dreams for this marriage, I will talk to pundit and tell you the date. Abhi and Akshu say we’ll get by, we promise, all dreams will come true, say yes. Dadi says okay, yes. They all smile.

Anisha says that I will learn cooking from Manjari, and also housework, if there is anything left, then Suvarna can teach me. Vansh congratulates Kairav. Vansh and Neil joke around. They lift Kairav ​​up and laugh. Abhi says don’t worry, everything will be fine. She says don’t worry, nothing can compromise. They say that if we are together we can do anything.

Neil says that there is one thing, from whose side Abhi and Akshu will come. Manjari says that Neil scared me. Suvarna says we don’t think about that. Neil says that it is a serious problem, we have to pull and decide.

Harsh says I’ll go now. Anand says thanks for coming. Harsh says thanks for inviting me to the family function. Anand asks if you are not family, you have to work very hard on Anisha’s marriage, no one has any objection to your coming. Harsh says that Manjari raised Neel and Abhi well, they are well behaved, Kairav ​​is a good boy, he will keep Anisha happy. Akshu comes and asks about Dr. Kunal’s answer. Harsh says I got an acknowledgment in the mail, I’ll send a reminder. She sends an audio message to Dr. Kunal and asks Abhi to operate on him.

Mahima says I want to say something, Abhi’s surgery is Anand and my area, we will manage it well, but you manage Anisha’s wedding, I don’t want anything to go wrong, you manage everything, I hope I can count on you. . Akshu says sure, the happiness of both families matters to me. Mahima says that now you have full responsibility, thank you. She goes. Akshu goes to Abhi and shows him a message. He says wow, it’s the third round of auditions, yes, I’ll take care of everything. He says that we will focus on everything together.

He says that wherever he goes, it is good, Dr. Khera does not answer to anyone, his message will be special. She says yes, my love of Abhi, we get scared when there are many tests together, in the same way she scares us to handle happiness at the same time. She says we’ll handle it, don’t worry. Akshu believes that Mahima left things to me, you will not skip the audition and I will not skip the surgery, everything must be balanced. Vansh taunts Kairav. They all smile. Kairav ​​receives a message from Anisha. He says Anisha called me at her friend’s store to pick out a ring. Anisha introduces her friend Kajal. She says that she is a good jewelry designer, I want her to design my engagement ring. Akshu thinks I hope they don’t feel bad. Akhilesh says we’ll feel bad. Manish says it’s fine. Kairav ​​says that we will have a ring here. Akhilesh jokes. Dadi says that the bride and groom will decide. Kairav ​​says that you are very kind. Grandma asked him to go now. Suvarna says that the diamond should be big. Kairav ​​thanks the family. Manish says that he is praising us now. Kairav ​​leaves. Abhi says I will come now, you see the ring. Anisha calls. She refuses. Akshu says I’ll go there, you call. Anisha says nothing of that. Kairav ​​arrives. He asks if he chose. Akshu says no, choose them both, I will go to Abhi.

Abhi talks to the providers. Akshu goes to her. She asks him to kiss her. He gives her a box of rings. She jumps up happily and kisses him. Anisha says I’ll go now, I have to use the bathroom. She goes. Ashu sees. Anisha asks someone why you have come here, if someone sees then there will be a big problem, just leave. The boy leaves. Ashu sees. Anisha turns and sees him.

Anisha says that the casting people are worrying me, they’re just mad. Abhi asks them to come. Akshu gets ready and takes care of the arrangements. She takes off her anklets. Abhi comes and holds her feet. Go to play…..

Harsh says that Dr. Kunal will come here somehow. Abhi asks today. Hard says yes. They hug happily. Dr. Kunal arrives home.

Update Credits: Amena

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