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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Akshu questions Abhi

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30 Nov 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Abhi and Akshu returning home happily. Go to Aarohi there. He says that he was waiting for both of them, wondering what gift Neil and I would get. Akshu says that we are going to have a reception party for you, isn’t that enough? He asks what do you want. Aarohi says I want this bike. They get surprised. Akshu says we will buy you a new one. Aarohi says that I want this bike for Neil, since there are feelings attached to it. Akshu says that this bike belongs to Abhi, her feelings are attached to it, I will not give it to you. She goes. Aarohi argues with Abhi. He teases her. She asks him to give her the key. He says that she will not agree. She threatens him. She asks if he will kill her. She says that this time I will leave you at the police station. She hits the pillar. She jokes with him. She asks him to go find the keys for his wife. He throws things. He says don’t test my patience, if I fail, you will regret it. He goes. She sits on the bike and smiles.

Abhi reaches Akshu. She says that she knows that this bike is special to you, but she still wants this bike. She says we’re going to give her a bike, give me keys, things aren’t small but family. She says that she is not so dear to us that you are listening to her. She goes and worries. Abhi goes to Aarohi and gives her the key. She says I’ll be happy with this. The key falls from her hand. She has the keys and says my bike rejected you. He says sorry and leaves. Neil asks what, this bike is Abhi’s life. Aarohi says so I took this to know if she is receiving this heartfelt reception or not she gave her this bike and she showed it I am so happy. She says that you think about us a lot, I hope everyone understands this. She says that she’s fine, let’s go for a romantic walk now. She says that she is fine but we will return the bike keys to Abhi. she shook her head. Abhi searches for Akshu. Neil calls Abhi. Abhi worries about Neil and goes to see him.

He asks why everyone is here. Neil says your bike was parked here. Abhi says yes. Aarohi says that he is not here. Manjiri asks if it was stolen. Aarohi says that Akshu is not at home, he has taken a bike, he likes to ride a bike, especially Abhi’s bike. Manjari asks why she left alone at night.

Akshu rides a bicycle. She says this is my bike Abhi, I won’t let Aarohi take this bike, I know Abhi is feeling bad. She sees Abhi coming in the car. Abhi stops Akshu. He asks why you went alone. She asks what she worries you, tell me. She sits on the road. He asks her to come home. She says that I am anxious to know the matter. You think I can’t tell you anything right now. She says that you used to warn me about Aarohi, why are you accepting her meaningless demands? She says I’m doing this for the family, come on we’ll go home, get up. He rides a bicycle. She drives a car. He looks at the time. He comes home. He says that Akshu was following me, why didn’t she come? Akshu comes home. She cries and says why didn’t you tell me, why Abhi…

He calls her and asks where you are. She says you don’t care about me, I got home. He asks why I can’t see you, I’m standing at the door. She says that I am also at the door of my maika.

Abhi apologizes on behalf of Aarohi. Akshu asks why you are doing this. Abhi asks Aarohi to stop blackmailing him. Akshu overhears this and says what is the truth that she is blackmailing him.

Update Credits: Amina

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