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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Akshu’s feelings reach Abhi’s heart

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Oct 27, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Akshu thinking sorry Abhi, I didn’t know you were taking anxiety and sleeping pills. Abhi thinks I have to apologize for many things. They both talk heart to heart and look at each other. Shivansh cries. Abhi asks him to calm down. She asks if she should try it. She takes Shivansh and sings Kanha Re…. Shivansh stops crying. She makes him sleep. Mahima says now we will do rasam. Aarohi smiled. Dadi says that everything will be fine. Neil asks where Abhi and Akshu are. Suvarna asks where they went. Manjari thinks that she wishes they could get together and talk. Abhi lies down on Akshu’s lap and falls asleep. She sings a melody. It looks like a mess. She thinks that Akshu means more to Abhi, so he sleeps peacefully on her lap, Akshu is too small for her. She pulls the door closer and leaves. Aarohi comes and sees them. She says you can relax later. Abi gets up. She says that everyone is waiting, my ceremony is going to happen. She goes. Nani finds Shivansh’s toys. Ashu leaves. Abhi also follows. Manjari says that everyone has come, we will start the rasam. Aarohi keeps her phone there. Mahima makes the aarti for her. Akshu takes Aarohi’s phone and checks Atul’s message, I’ll deliver the paper in a day or two, don’t worry, the paper is just how you wanted it. She wonders what those papers are about. Aarohi shows Akshu the bracelets. Mahima says Anand, I’ll take their smiles away, they’ll be back in jail soon. She says I have to surprise you muhurat marriage is after 3 days. Everybody asks what, only 3 days. Manjari says I haven’t finished anything. Mahima says we will finish it now. Aarohi thinks about getting Neil to sign the papers.

Akhilesh says that tomorrow is Kairav’s hearing, we will discuss it later. Mahima says I will get justice for my daughter. Goenka left. Mahima says that tomorrow I will punish them for their actions. Abhi receives a message. He walks out and sees Kairav.

He asks her to say, why did you call? Kairav ​​​​says that tomorrow my fate will be decided, it is not in my hand, but your relationship with Akshu is in your hands, your anger is right, but Akshu’s love was true, Akshu wanted to send it to you but could not. She gives him a box and says check it carefully, you’ll help him understand, don’t tell him I gave you this, it’s her personal stuff, I really want both of you to be fine always. He’s leaving. Goenka came home. Aarohi gives Manish candy. He ignores. She goes. Suvarna says the function went well, they got the wedding date.

Manish says I want to do something for all of you, I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, I want to do something one last time. He goes. Suvarna cries. Akshu comforts her. Suvarna says that she had harassed Manish, what should I do, me too mother. Akshu says that we will not give up. She hugs Suvarna. Akshu looks at the greeting card and reads Akshu’s words. He reviews her letters, her sketches, and her photos. Rooh Daryan… play…

Get an MP3 recorder and play the audio. He listens to Akshu’s feelings and cries. She says I love you so much I strayed too far from you but for your sake I know you’re mad but once she hugs you you’ll melt your anger away I know you. You will never doubt my intentions, I am waiting. meet you, I love you very much, I know you love yourself too, you will understand why I did this, please believe in me, I love you

Akshu calls Kunal. She says that I can’t communicate with Kunal and Maya, I have to find evidence to save Kairav, what should I do? I’ll find out about Aarohi later. Suvarna asks Aarohi to talk to Neel and save Kairav ​​and Manish. Aarohi says that I already talked to Neil, I don’t want anyone to go to jail, I know they are innocent, Neil promised that he will talk to his family. Suvarna says that she wishes they would listen to Neel. Mahima scolds Neel. She says that we will not forgive Goenka. Neil asks them to listen. Anand says that you are siding with her, my daughter will receive justice, Goenka will receive punishment. Abhi comes up and says I also think we should think about this matter again, I’m not saying that I loved and cared more than Anisha, I also want justice for her, think about it, what would we do if we were building a new relationship? with them. Mahima says that he did not expect this from you, I will choose Anisha in Neel’s marriage, I will not back down on this matter.

Akshu says that I actually kept evidence in your room, try to find it. Abhi searches for evidence. Shefali gives him a blanket. Abhi gets the shirt and the flash drive. Akshu prays. Abhi wears a shirt that has Akshu’s note written on the back.

Update Credits: Amena

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