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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Akshu threatens Aarohi

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27 Nov 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Akshu glaring at Aarohi. Neil asks why you’re looking at Aarohi, she’s been standing here ever since. Mahima says that maybe some guest has made a complaint. The inspector says that Abhi has to come with us. Anand and Manish defend Abhi. The inspector says let’s do our job. Abhi says that I did nothing, this guilt is wrong. The inspector says that he has to come with me to the police station. He argues with Manish. Manish asks him to find out the truth and the lies. Anand says that he is a respected doctor, you cannot arrest him. The inspector says we’ll find out what he did. Manjiri says that she didn’t do anything. Akshu says Aarohi, you know Abhi did nothing, I know too, keep some standards, you are framing him. The relatives argue with Inspector Akshu scolds Aarohi. She says send the police back immediately, nothing will happen to Abhi, I won’t leave them. She threatens Aarohi. Abhi says you can take me anywhere and ask, my answer will not change. The inspector says we’ll talk at the police station now. Aarohi asks him to stop. She says that this is a wrong fault, this is a misunderstanding, I want to cancel this complaint. He asks her not to be afraid, the law is with her. She says no, I don’t know who filed the complaint on my behalf, it’s a family matter, it was just an accident, it’s my brother-in-law, my in-laws love me very much. He says it’s okay, if you say so, I’ll go. The police leave.

Aarohi apologizes to Abhi and everyone. She says I don’t know how this thing got out of the house, now we’ll forget about it. Neil says no Aarohi, we can’t forget this. He warns them not to disrespect his wife. He says that if someone does this again, I will leave this house, now this family and this house can decide, they have to respect my wife to have a relationship with me, it is final. Abhi says that she is fine, we will remember. He cries and kisses Shivansh. He wishes for her. He says sorry and leaves. Abhi angrily tears the bean bag. Akshu comes to the room and sees. She asks him not to worry. She says that I care what Neil thinks of me. He explains. Akshu comforts her. Manjiri says that Neil and Abhi are fighting like this. Shefali says those fights pass don’t worry you have brought them up well. Manjiri says such a fight hasn’t happened before in this house, I’m scared, his wives are also involved. Shefali says not to take the stress. Mahima says you will feel bad for my words, because I am telling the truth, you and I are real sisters, Harsh and Anand are real brothers so we never fight, Akshu and Aarohi are half sisters, Neel is also your step sister. son Yes, this is not their house, we should let them live apart, you decide who to keep in the family and who to keep away. Manjiri says that we will stay together, no one will go, it is my decision to keep them together. She goes.

Abhi listens to Neil’s voicemail and says, this is my brother, he has saved these reminders, it can’t be Neil. She says that Aarohi was behind it, she did this. She asks me how I should behave with him, Neil doesn’t know me. She hugs him. Manish says that no show is complete without drama. Akhilesh says that we have explained all this to Aarohi. Suwarna says that it is not just Aarohi’s fault. Vansh says that he is right. Manish says there’s a big difference between punching and slapping my mistake, she made a point, relationships are fragile, I’ve seen sibling relationships break up due to misunderstanding, if Aarohi isn’t getting this then I’m sorry. she did. Kairav ​​says that this time the matter will get worse. Manish says that everyone wants a nuclear family, why is this happening? Aarohi is poisoning Akshu’s life, I’m afraid that she may ruin Akshu’s life. Aarohi finds her phone. Akshu says I thought to check your phone. Aarohi asks how, I have a password. Akshu says that I know. Aarohi asks how dare you, you are yourself. Akshu says that I read the messages sent to send your friend to the police station, I could have shown the messages to the family, but I didn’t. She says that I have put the photo of Abhi and Neil on the wallpaper, don’t spoil their relationship. She warns him and leaves. Aarohi says that once she knows Abhi’s secret, you’ll see what destruction I mean.

Aarohi checks Abhi’s phone. She says that you didn’t tell your wife that getting pregnant from her is impossible. Abhi warns him. She says that Akshu will know this truth now. She goes to Akshu.

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