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Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Preesha And Rudra Save Each Other From Fire Accident

Yeh Hai Chahatein Sep 30, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

Saaran tells Ruhi how she saw Armaan mixing chili powder into Rudra and Vanshika’s food and thus added stomach powder to Armaan’s food and asks her to spend the rest of the party in the bathroom. Pihu walks up to them and asks what’s going on. Sarash says nothing. Ruhi asks if he is enjoying the party. Pihu says yes. Once he reaches Preesha, Ruhi asks him to call Preesha from the landline. She brings food for Preesha. Preesha says how she will take it from Mehndi’s hands. Ruhi says that she will feed him. Pihu calls Preesha from the landline. Preesha asks Ruhi to take it. Ruhi says that she has dirty hands and asks Rudra for help. Rudra takes the phone from Preesha’s waist pocket. Pihu calls Preesha back. Rudra takes the phone and puts it to Preesha’s ear. Preesha says that she can’t hear well. Rudra takes her apart from her. Pihu says that she will call later and hang up. Rudra puts the phone back in Preesha’s waist pocket and pierces her stomach. Main Tera Naam Dil Rakhdiya.. The song plays in the background. Rudra remembers the times when he first got his belly pierced.

Armaan walks up to them wondering what is in the food that is giving him diarrhea. He is jealous to see Rudra and Preesha standing intimately, but he goes back to the bathroom. Rudra touches Preesha saying that every time she tries to get away from him, she gets closer to him. Preesha allows him to touch her, then regains consciousness and leaves. Rudra believes that Preesha can feel her love and he will remind her of everything, then she will return to him. Armaan feels that Rudra has betrayed him and therefore he needs to teach Rudra a lesson. Sharda notices Rudra’s veil and asks the servant to give it to Rudra and make sure he wears it. Armaan takes the veil and puts it in the oil. He then asks another servant to give it to Rudra saying that Sarada Maa has given it to him and he must use it. Rudra uses it and meets the guests. Armaan throws a lamp string at it and it catches fire.

Preesha sees that Rudra’s veil is on fire and runs and pushes him away. Everyone is surprised to see that. Rudra sets fire. A fire broke out in Preesha’s dupatta. Sharda alerts him. Rudra takes it out of her body. Her lehenga caught fire. Rudra tries to light the fire with his bare hands and then wraps a rug around it and rolls it on the floor to start the fire. Preesha stands up reminding Rudra that she saved Ruhi. The song Main Tera Naam Dil Rakhdia… plays again in the background. Preesha feels that Rudra had saved Roohi in the same way before. Armaan asks Preesha if he is okay. Preesha says that Rudra saved her. Rudra says that they should go home now. Rudra says that he must first check if Preesha is alright. Armaan says that Preesha is his wife, gets diarrhea again and goes to the bathroom. Summary laughed. Pihu asks Preesha if she is okay. She says that she does and that she needs water.

Ruhi takes him to the kitchen and gives him water. Preesha says that she thought that Rudra had saved Ruhi in the same way before. Ruhi asks how he knows. Preesha says that she felt that way. Ruhi says that it happened when they lived in a village, he remembers his special relationship with Rudra. Armaan goes to Preesha and tells her that they better go home now. Preesha agrees and goes to the car with her and Pihu when she has an upset stomach again and says that Rudra and even the food in her house is her enemy and is in the bathroom again. Pihu tells Preesha not to take any tension. Rudra tells the family that he feels Preesha is under stress. Ruhi tells her that Preesha remembered the Rohtak fire incident where Rudra had saved her. Rudra is happy and says that Preesha seemed upset for the same reason. Saransh says that Rudra’s fake wedding plan is working. Ruhi says that Presha’s full memory has not returned. Rudra says that she will do it tomorrow during the false pheras. Ruhi says that Pihu told her that Preesha has no medicine. Rudra says that surely tomorrow Preesha’s memory will fully return. Armaan overhears their conversation and realizes that Rudra pretended to have this fake marriage to revive Preesha’s memory, he wouldn’t let it happen.

Precap: Rudra takes an unconscious Preesa to the hospital in a car when they run into an accident, kick them out of the car and throw rocks at her head.

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