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Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Roohi foils Revathi’s plan

Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Police have started searching for Khurana. Saransh asks Preesha and Rudra why Tarun took her name. Preesha says she doesn’t know, it seems someone forced Tarun to take his name. Rudra says he will find out and tells her not to worry. Sharda said that this is a serious matter. Rudraksh takes Saransh along to meet a lawyer. Ruhi asks Preesha what the police are looking for. Preesha says it is a big issue and hence she should not be worried. Ruhi thinks that Revathi Chachi will know what the police are looking for, so she will ask Revathi. When Ruhi walks up to him and asks what the police are looking for, Revathi hides the drugs in Saransh’s cupboard. Revathi says police is looking for drugs which is a white powder and is illegal in her possession and if found in Khurana’s house, police will arrest Saransh. She tells him not to worry as the summary will not do anything. Ruhi gets worried for the summary.

Revathi then goes to the Inspector and directly asks him to raid the Saransh room as he had hidden the drugs there. Inspector says that they cannot do this directly, else they will be suspected and hence will go there further. GPS listens to their conversation. Revathi notices him and scolds him for properly searching the premises. Revati slips and tries to grab the handle of the cupboard, the door opens. The medicine packet fell along with the books. Ruhi picks up the packet and goes to show it to Sharda. The police did not find any drugs in the room of the summary. Sharda brings the police to her room. Roohi eats the powder and thinks that the police will not arrest Sarnash anymore. The police also did not find anything in Sharda’s room and she left. After that she collapses due to the effect of the medicine on her body. Sharda gets worried and goes to him.

Inspector tells Rudra that they did not find drugs in his house. Rudra scolds the police for unnecessarily troubling his family. Inspecto apologizes to him. Sharda calls the family to come soon. The family goes to him and sees that Ruhi has fallen. Preesha and Rudra get nervous seeing this. Ruhi opens her eyes and says that she consumed white powder to save Saransh. Revathi tells that Ruhi consumed poison and wonders how Ruhi got drugs. Summary cries that he didn’t bring drugs home. GPS says it doesn’t need to explain anything. Revathi says she has to inform the police first. Rudra requests her to take Ruhi to the hospital first and save her life, then she calls whomever she likes.

Khurana takes Ruhi to the hospital where doctors treat her and inform her that her condition is critical and they should pray to God. Hearing this, Preesha starts crying. Sharda consoles him. Preesha runs away from there. Rudra tries to follow him, but Sharda stops him. Preesha goes to the temple and prays to God to save Ruhi. The nurse tells Rudra that Ruhi’s condition is improving. Outside the temple, Preesha overhears the snake charmers and questions them. They tell him that his friend made a big buck by lending a poisonous snake to a woman. Preesha shows Revathi’s picture to them and they inform her.

Precap: Preesha asks Torn why he lied to the police that Saransh has drugs. GPS tells Preesha that he was suspicious of Revathi from the beginning. They both follow Revathi. Revathi cooks a sweet dish and serves it to Khuranas.

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