Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh Escapes Narrowly When Armaan Exposes Him

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh Escapes Narrowly When Armaan Exposes Him

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh Escapes Narrowly When Armaan Exposes Him

Yeh Hai Chahatein Aug 19, 2022 Episode Written, Updated On UttarPradeshLive.Com

Vidyut returns home after meeting Rudra and tells Sharda that Rudra wants Krishnaji’s idol and the golden pen that he had given to Preesha. Sharda says that she already received a call from Rudra and that she will come to meet him tomorrow. Once she leaves, Raj looks angry and goes to Vidyut. Vidyut asks him why he looks angry and walks away from dance practice. Raj asks her to stop acting and reveal his true intentions. Vidyut says that he realized his mistake and wants to repent for Rudra’s sake by helping Raj and Pihu. Raj accepts Vidyut’s justification and agrees to accept his help in the dance practice.

Armaan shows a photo of Prem meeting Vidyut and asks what he was doing with Vidyut. Preesha says that she blindly trusts him and he is cheating on them. Prem says that he doesn’t know who this man is and that he was asking for the address after getting lost. Armaan says that he is lying. Ruhi says that her father is not lying and asks Preesha how she can doubt her father. Prem says that if they don’t trust him, she’ll leave the form here. He says that he feels sorry for Ruhi and asks them to treat her and send her back to her family. He picks up her bag and tries to leave. Preesha asks him to stop and apologizes for misunderstanding him as they know Vidyut very well. Prem says that just because he is poor, Armaan accuses him, he cannot tolerate his insult. Preesha assures him that he won’t be suspected again and asks him to go back to his job. Armaan leaves angry. Prem says that he will complete the job he came here for. Preesha leaves. Prem/Rudra and her children relax and think that they escaped the immediate creation of Rudra’s story and wonder what they will do next.

Armaan gushes at Digvijay’s source that Preesha trusts Mali more than her and is supporting Rudra and his children. Digvijay supported him. Armaan says that he needs to spy on Prem and find out how he is helping Rudra. The next morning, Kanchan decorates Thakur’s house for Janmashtami puja. Sharda goes to meet Preesha and tells her that she missed Roohi and therefore she had come to give her homemade sweets. Preesha asks her to give it to her herself and leads her to the latrine. Sharda gives Roohi a tiffin and asks him to share sweets with Prem and Saransh. Once he and Preesha leave, Rudra takes Krishaji’s idol out of the box and says that he needs to replace it with the idol from the house temple so that Preesha will notice it and have memories of the past. He says that he has to make sure that Armaan and Digvijay are not present when he changes the idol.

Armaan and Digvijay leave the house for an important meeting. Rudra and her children saw this. Roohi goes to Preesha and asks her to help her with her homework. Preesha agrees. Ruhi says that she is hungry. Preesha leads him into the kitchen. Rudra seeing them thinks that Ruhi has finished his work, now it is his turn to replace the idol before anyone notices. Digvijay finds out that he has left an important file at home and asks Armaan to come home. Armaan enters the house and sees Prem replacing the idol of God and records Prem to prove that Prem has been sent by Rudra. Prem/Rudra prays to God to revive Preesha’s memory as soon as possible. Armaan believes that he will ruin Rudra’s plan and finds out why Rudra replaced the idol with a gardener.

Precap: Kanchan notices that the idol of God is missing. Armaan accuses Prem of stealing. Digvijay dragged Prem along.

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