Written Update 28 March 2022: Dharmesh is coming

Written Update 28 March 2022: Dharmesh is coming

Written Update 28 March 2022: Dharmesh is coming

The episode begins with Happu telling Rajjo that she is his wife as well as best friend. Rajjo says I know, but my best friend is someone else. Happu asks who is that person? Rajjo says that person is Dharmesh. We used to play, sleep, bathe, eat and drink together. Happu gets shocked and walks out.

Kamlesh comes up the stairs to meet Kat but he gets scared as the stairs move. Happu sees her, and stops her. Happu grabbed the stairs. Kamlesh asks her are you upset? Happu says this is my personal matter, just go and meet Kat. Kamlesh gets happy and goes upstairs.
Kamlesh meets Kat. Malaika gets irritated seeing them. Kamlesh says I was about to fall. Malaika says it would have been good. Kat says Kamlesh is my best friend. Due to Kamlesh’s irritability, Malaika warns him to be modest and beats Black and Blue.

Happu meets Beni and Vimlesh and says that I am scared after knowing Rajjo’s secret. Vimlesh says that she is not that type of person. Happu says I am talking about Dharmesh. Vimlesh says Dharmesh is torture in our life.
Vimlesh says that I used to get jealous seeing Dharmesh and Rajjo together. They used to play, sleep, bathe, eat and drink together, etc. I wanted to do the same. Happu and Beni are shocked.
Benny gives her the look, but when she says what to do, as Dharmesh left after marriage. She was good
Happu and Beni finally settle down on learning that Dharmesh is a woman.

Happu meets Rajjo, and she explains that I wanted to see her jealous. They become romantic, but Dharmesh says that she is coming to meet him. Rajjo gets happy, asks Happu to take leave.

The next day, Hrithik, Ranveer and Chamchi wait for their lunch. Rajjo gives them money and asks Kamlesh to leave them.
Amma asks Rajjo to go to the temple, she refuses and asks Vimlesh to take her away. Shockingeveryone

In the police station, DIG and Manohar taunted Happu. Happu says please continue. Happu says I have come today, don’t know if I will be able to come tomorrow. Manohar says you are going somewhere. Happu says I am not fine, I want leave. Manohar says suddenly you fell ill? Happu scolds her saying that illness never gives letters. Happu asked the DIG for 6 days leave. The DIG discharged him. Happu thank him.

Precap:- The driver told Rajjo that Dharmesh has died. The doctor tells the family that Rajjo is in shock, he has to meet Dharmesh.

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