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Woh Toh Hai Albela 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Sayuri Recalls How Vikrant Threatened Her

Woh To Hai Albela Jan 6, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

During the New Years house party, Dadi sends Aunty Riddhi to Kanha. Riddhi gives a rose flower to Kanha and wishes him a happy new year. Kanha doesn’t notice her and steps aside. Tej thanks him for the flower. Grandma Mausi pointed at them again. She goes to Kanha and dances with him. Indu is sad to see Kanha with Riddhi and says that she cannot see anyone taking Sayuri’s place. Bhanu says that Kanha will never accept anyone but Sayuri in his life. Indu says that they should return home now that Rashmi can take care of her child now. Rashmi gets angry seeing Riddhi with Kanha. Yash signals to Kanha and he quietly leaves. Rashmi notices.

Yash drives the car to the party venue hoping Sayuri/Sachi will go there and meet Kanha. Sayuri worries that Vikrant is dating her. Vikrant says let’s go to the party. Sayuri asks if he is sure. Vikrant says that all life is left for romance. Sayuri remembers waking up in Vikrant’s house after his accident. Vikrant threatens her to forget her past and be with him as her Saachi’s wife. Sayuri tries to run away from her after a few days, but Vikrant catches her again and threatens to lose her most precious thing if she tries to return to her family.

Kanha eagerly awaits Sayuri. Yash asks how he will identify Sayuri with her mask. Kanha says that her heart can identify him. Sayuri enters with Vikrant. Yash welcomes them and takes Vikrant to meet other doctors. Sayuri hopes that Kanha won’t show up. Rashmi thinks where Kanha left the party half way. Riddhi asks her if she saw Kanha and reveals that she is going to marry Kanha. Rashmi warns her to back off. Riddhi warns him back. Rashmi threatens to kill him. Sayuri looks for Kanha and prays to God that she doesn’t show up. Kanha goes to her. She nervously asks him to leave, otherwise her husband will make trouble. Kanha tells him to calm down and asks how she hurt her hand if Vikrant hurt her. Sayuri shakes her head and sees Kanha’s injured hand. Kanha says that this is the pain of her beloved. He gives her a bracelet. Sayuri recalls the past romantic moments of hers.

Precap: Kanha and Sayuri dance during the party.
Rashmi sees the party go by, reaches there and is shocked to see Kanha dancing with a girl. Vikrant sees Kanha and Sayuri dance and angrily walks towards them.

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