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Woh Toh Hai Albela 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanha And Sayuri Fool Rishi

Woh To Hai Albela Oct 31, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

Rishi works to get injured by Yash during their fight. Great-aunt caresses his wound and gives him medicine. She calls Kanha and Sayuri and complains about Yash. Rishi acts up and says that he asked Kanha and Sayuri not to report it. Kanha asks about Saroj. Dadi Mausi says that Saroj’s brother and SIL had an accident and therefore she went to meet him with Rashmi. Kanha and Sayuri say that they would seek help. Dadi Mausi says that Saroj’s nephew is there to help, but Saroj went there to take care of other business. She says that Sayuri needs to stay home for Diwali Puja as she is the maid of the house.

Sayuri searches the closet for Diwali clothes and makes fun of Kanha. Their fight begins. Kanha gave her a new Diwali dress. She thanks him and is impressed by his love and care for her. She also gives him a Diwali dress. She sees him sad and asks him to cheer him up because she didn’t like the lehenga gifted to her. She gets stressed. She asks him to try it on first. Kanha hesitantly agrees and puts on the lehenga choli. Sayuri says that he is the best of her and hugs her.

Kusum makes a doll for Sayuri and Kanha’s son. Rishi walks in and takes out Kanha and Sayuri’s dismay at Kusum and Gudiya. He breaks the doll and threatens to kill Sayuri and Kanha as well. He then he tortures her. The next morning, the family performs Lakshmi Puja and celebrates Diwali. As he worships with her, the sage continues to torture Kusum in silence. After the puja, the youngsters seek the blessings of the elders and receive gifts from them. Dadi Mausi asks Kanha and Sayuri to touch Rishi and Kusum’s feet. Rishi says that he is fine as he doesn’t want any trouble during Diwali. Tej says that she wants everyone to celebrate Diwali happily.

Dadi Mausi asks Dhanraj to give him a jewelry box that Saroj left for Kusum and Rishi. Rishi is happy to hear this. Dhanraj presented her with a jewelry box. Kanha is shocked to see this. Rishi runs off and tries to sell the jewelry to a jeweler. The jeweler says they are fake jewelry and insults them. Rishi notices his act from Kanha and Sayuri and decides to punish them. Kanha informs Nakul that Sayuri changed the ornaments in time and now Rishi is left with fake jewelry.

Precap: Tej gives his wife’s necklace to Sayuri and Indu gives her husband’s kada to Kanha. Rishi notices and plans

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