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Woh Toh Hai Albela 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Kusum Opts Studies Over Marriage

Woh To Hai Albela Sep 30, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

Saroj refuses to send Sayuri to college for her and her son’s safety. Sayuri says that he understands his concern and promises to take good care of himself. She says that he has 2 more pregnant women with her and that he doesn’t mind working. Saroj stops. Kanha says that she knows the whole school and will ask the farmhand and staff to take care of Sayuri; There will also be Nakul, Rashmi and Kusum who will check on Sayuri during her break. Saroj says that he won’t trust anyone except herself, Kanha and Nakul. Kanha says that he cannot support Sayuri for 9 months and agrees to drop Sayuri off and pick her up at the university. Saroj hesitantly agrees and meets Sayuri’s gaze.

Rashmi’s friend narrates how her sister is being harassed by her in-laws and forced to do all the housework since her sister’s sister-in-law is pregnant and the family does not allow her to work. Rashmi soon imagines herself in that situation. Seeing her sad, Kusum returns home with Rishi. Kanha asks Rishi about her adventure in New York and says that he can help her through her friends. Rishi receives a call from her father and leaves. Saroj says that he likes Rishi a lot and asks Kusum for his opinion. Kusum enters quietly. Kanha sees Kusum coming, meets her and asks for her opinion on Rishi. Kusum says that he just got here and will talk to her after freshening up and go to her room. She looks at her college book and writes her name on it.

When Sayuri returns home with Nakul, Kanha is busy on the phone about her business order. Sayuri thanks Nakul for leaving the house. Nakul asks her not to thank him because he is also becoming her uncle. Kanha tells Sayuri about Kusum’s strange behavior and nervousness after meeting Rishi. They both go to Kusum’s room. Kusum asks if they want to know about Milan and Rishi. Sayuri says that she didn’t ask any of that and came to inform her about the upcoming exams. She hands Kusum the book and asks him to study well for his exams. Saroj places a wedding veil over Kusum’s book and tells her to start preparing for her wedding as Gayatri calls and tells her that Rishi likes Kusum.

Indu and Bhanu express concern about Rashmi’s changed and immature behavior. Rashmi overhears them and misbehaves with them. They try to appease her, but she leaves in a fit of rage. Saroj expressed his happiness at Kusum’s alliance decision. Kusum was surprised. Sayuri says that they should let Kusum complete his studies and let him understand Rishi well. Saroj says that it is already too late and wants to make sure that Kusum gets married as soon as possible. Gayatri says that Rishi will take Kusum to the US after the marriage. Kanha and Sayuri are suspicious, but fail to convince Saroj.

Precap: Choudhary dances during the festival. A woman enters. The whole family seems upset to see him.

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