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Woh Toh Hai Albela 30th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanha Confronts Saroj

Woh To Hai Albela Nov 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

While worshipping, Yash’s back hurts. Kusum says that she seems like she’s not used to sitting on the floor. Yash says that she always spends time in the office chair, car or bed, but it’s okay as Pooja and Kusum’s happiness is important to him. Kusum says that she is also the most important thing to him. Yash is happy to hear this. Sayuri makes 3 kinds of kheer for Pooja and rushes to join Pooja, but she is dejected to see that Pooja is over. Kanha also fills out the office paperwork and runs to her house. Saroj and others notice Sayuri. Sayuri thinks that it’s okay if she can’t attend the puja, although she can serve the prasad. Saroj gets nervous seeing Sayuri and asks if she has made kheer correctly, she can go back to the kitchen and do it. Sayuri says that she has prepared it well and that she will serve it to everyone. Sayuri stiffens.

Kanha drives his car home, calls Nakul and asks if Sayuri attended the puja. Nakul says that Saroj asked Sayuri to make 3 types of kheer and therefore Sayuri was unable to attend the puja. Kanha says that he knew that Saroj would do the same and increases the speed of the car. Sayuri joins Aarti. The whole family performs aarti one by one. Saroj fakes a leg sprain and takes Sayuri away. He keeps Sayuri busy and hopes that Aarti will recover soon. Kanha returned home. Dhanraj asks Saroj to come and perform aarti with him. Saroj accidentally drops the Aarti plate. Sayuri holds the plate and prevents it from falling. Panditji says that Sayuri stopped Abhgun. Sauri feels happy while Saroj is puzzled. Kanha thinks that Sairui stopped Aarti from falling, but Saroj still seems worried.

Sayuri serves prasad to everyone. Prasad is liked by everyone. Atithi says that if Sayuri prays to God from her heart, she will soon have a child. Saori feels happy. Kanha confronts Saroj about trying to keep Sayuri away from Pooja. Saroj says that he is trying to save the lives of Kusum and Nakul. Kanha warns him to stop thinking negatively and never try to think that Sayuri is unlucky. He goes out. Sayuri tries to fill him in on the guest’s situation. Yash calls Kanha and goes to meet him. Yash thanks you for handling everything well. Nakul joins them and the three of them enjoy a nice chat. Sayuri serves Prasad to the servants. The holy lady approaches him.

Precap: Kanha tells Sayuri that she doesn’t need a child. Rashmi tries to emotionally manipulate Yash.

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