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Woh Toh Hai Albela 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi Visits Chaudhrys

Woh To Hai Albela Sep 29, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

Rashmi takes her frustration out on Sayuri when Saroj scolds her for trying to quit her job at Sayuri. Sayuri says that Saroj is too anxious and asks her not to take Saroj’s words seriously. She tries to help Rashmi, but Rashmi continues her arrogant behavior and tries to take the utensils from Sayuri. Hot water is poured on Rashmi, her hand is burned. Sayuri worries about him and puts ice on his hand. Kanha is with him. Saroj returns and scolds Rashmi for being careless and asks her what will happen if Sayuri gets injured. Rashmi leaves saying that she will apply ointment at her house.

Back home, look for the ointment. Indu and Bhanu are concerned to see her burn and say that she should have told Sayuri who would have been in charge of burning her. Rashmi yells that she is hurt because of Sayuri and starts cursing at her. Indu and Bhanu ask him to calm her mind and stop thinking negatively about Sayuri. Rashmi yells that she is waiting for the day Sayuri’s baby comes into this world and everyone stops spoiling Sayuri. Indu and Bhanu ask her if she is not happy being her aunt and are surprised by her growing hatred towards Sayuri.

Kanha brings milk for Sayuri. Sayuri says that she can’t tolerate milk. Kanha asked him to taste it since she had mixed some special ingredients. Sayuri tries it out and says it’s really amazing. She shows her concern for Rashmi. Kanha says that Rashmi feels insecure seeing the sudden change in Saroj’s behavior, but she shouldn’t worry because Nakul will take care of Sayuri. He gives her a gift and asks her to use it. Sayuri goes to the locker room. She comes out in a maternity t-shirt feeling embarrassed and asks why she brought it to her. He says that he rediscovered her online and says that he cares for her both physically and emotionally. Sayuri says that once she got pregnant, he showered her with gifts, but she liked the extra care he gave her.

Saroj excitedly shows the silver coins to Dhanraj and says that he wants to give them to Rishi and Kusum when Rishi comes to meet them tomorrow. Dhanraj warns her about her extreme behavior and says that he heard Rashmi scolding in the kitchen while she was pouring her love on Rashmi and hating Sayuri, she should keep her feelings consistent and not act in a rude manner. extreme. The next morning, Kusum prepares to meet Rishi and panics. Saroj comforts her and tells her that she should not rush and make a decision after evaluating all the situations.

Rishi goes to meet him. Dhanraj asks about her studies. He says that he has studied at some university. Sayuri says that he is closed. He is scared. Kanha asks Sayuri if she is sure. Sayuri says yes. Kanha asks Rishi where she lives in Texas, since her friend also lives here. Rishi says that he lives among white Americans and will be moving to New York soon. Kanha asks what’s up with her business in Texas. Rishi gets even more nervous. Saroj asks Kanha if he had reserved a table for Rishi and Kusum at a restaurant. He says that he did. Nakul says that he will drop them off at the restaurant and come back. Sayuri tells Rashami to panic and make a decision only after thoroughly evaluating Rishi. Kusum goes with Rishi. Saroj says that he liked Rishi a lot. Sayuri asks Kanha why she bothered Rishi with her questions. Kanha becomes suspicious of Rishi and his family’s behavior. After some time, Sayuri tries to go to college, but Saroj refuses to send her to college.

Precap: Kusum returns home after meeting Rishi, who seems tense. Sayuri gives her a book and asks her to prepare for the exam. Saroj covers the book with the bride’s dress and says that Gayatri told Rishi that she liked Kusum. Kusam seems more tense.

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